Thursday, February 16, 2006

women for women

And You Thought You Were the Only One!

Jane Addams is a Nobel Peace Prize winner and founder of Hull House.
Christina Aguilera says she loves kissing women.

Tammy Baldwin from Wisconsin, is the first out lesbian Congresswoman.

Drew Barrymore recently said, "Do I like women sexually? Yeah, I do."

Jennifer Beals plays Bette Porter on The L Word.
Catie Curtis is a singer/songwriter who has been out her whole career.

Ellen DeGeneres came out shortly after the character she played on TV did in 1996. She now stars in her own daily talk show.

Portia de Rossi stars in Fox TV's Arrested Development and is dating Ellen DeGeneres.
Marlene Dietrich: This 1920s film star, famous for cross-dressing, had an affair with writer Mercedes deAcosta.

Ani DiFranco: This bisexual rocker is one of the most successful artists on an indepedent label.
Melissa Etheridge: Grammy winner Melissa came out at the 1993 Presidential Inauguration.

Melissa Ferrick is an out lesbian rocker.
Gina Gershon: She has played a lesbian plenty of times in her film and television roles. But, is Gina Gershon a lesbian?

Sara Gilbert played Darlene on Rosanne from 1988 to 1997.
Missy Giove: Missy, the Missle, World Champion and World Cup winner is one of the fastest female downhill mountain bike racers in the world.

Leisha Hailey: Leisha was a member of the rock duo, The Murmurs, dated kd lang and now stars in The L Word on Showtime.
Sophie B. Hawkins came out as omnisexual and was nominated for a Grammy in 1992 for Damn, Wish I was your Lover.

Janis Ian: Winner of two Grammy awards, Janis released her first album at age 15.
Indigo Girls: Amy Ray and Emily Saliers make up this out, politically active folk/rock duo.

Angelina Jolie is an out and proud bisexual actress.
Rosie Jones: Winner of 13 LPGA golf titles, Jones came out in March of 2004 to accept a sponsorship from a lesbian travel company.

Janis Joplin: Although Janis Joplin did not self-identify as bisexual, she did have relationships with both men and women.
Barbara Jordan: achieved many firsts for African Americans and women.
Frida Kahlo: One of the most famous painters of our time, both she and her husband Diego Rivera were said to have affairs with both men and women.

kd lang: Grammy winner kd began her career in country music and caused more of a stir coming out as a vegetarian than as a lesbian.
Lucy Liu: The Charlie's Angels star admits to kissing women.

Karina Lombard: Plays Marina on The 'L' Word.
Audre Lorde: The self-described Black lesbian mother, warrior, poet wrote poetry and Zami: A New Spelling of My Name.

Phyllis Lyon: Author of Lesbian/Woman was the first same-sex person legally married in the United States.
Del Martin: A lesbian activist since the 1950s, Del Martin married her partner of more than 50 years on February 12, 2004.

Heather Matarazzo: starred in the Princess Diaries movies and numerous TV shows.
Amelie Mauresmo is one of the top tennis players in the world.

Tammy Lynn Michaels: Michaels played the bitchy Nicole Julian on WB's drama Popular and has a role in the lesbian series The L Word. Perhaps she is best known for her marriage to Rocker Melissa Etheridge.
Katherine "Kate" Moennig plays heart-throb Shane on The L Word.

Tyria Moore was lover's with serial killer Aileen Wuornos and was portrayed by Christina Ricci in the movie Monster.
Martina Navratilova: This Czechoslovakian born American tennis player won more singles titles than any other player in history, male or female.

Me'Shell NdegeOcello: This out bisexual bass player extraordinaire has four albums to her credit and a hit record with John Mellencamp.
Cynthia Nixon played Miranda on Sex in the City.

Rosie O'Donnell: The talk show host came out, in part to help fight for the rights of gay and lesbian parents.
Ma Rainey was known as the Mother of the Blues and did not hide her preference for women in her songs in the 1920s.

Amy Ray is a lesbian rocker and part of the musical duo, The Indigo Girls.
Eleanor Roosevelt: Former First Lady and wife of Franklin D. Roosevelt had a long-term relationship with another woman.

Vita Sackville-West:English poet and novelist.
Sappho: A Greek poet from the Isle of Lesbos, Sappho penned love sonnets to women. She lived from 610-580 B.C.

Sarah Shahi plays Carmen on The L Word.
Sheryl Swoopes is a three-time MVP of the WNBA and Olympic Gold medalist in basketball.

Suzanne Westenhoefer was the first out lesbian to appear on David Letterman, have her own HBO special and to appear on Comedy Central.
Sue Wicks: The former WNBA player for the New York Liberty retired in 2003.

Cris Williamson is a pioneer for lesbians in music.
Aileen Wuornos: Executed in 2002, Wuornos was known as the "Lesbian Serial Killer."

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Love conquers all
all prejudices too

if u love somebody
shout it from the rooftops

my best friends are lesbians


Anonymous said...

sabbbbyyyyyyyyy is a lesbo

Anonymous said...

thats why I love sabby

-Minnie Mouse

Anonymous said...

and no one loves minnie

Caraf said...

you know saby, some day i might get thrown out of some internet cafe for viewing your blog



btw (all claps for lesbians. lucky girls. dont have to take men's crap.)

Miranda said...

Smiles...nice post Saby. So true, slowly and slowly, Im coming out more.

Lady Sappho said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwww, thanks, Saby. You really DO love me! Perhaps I will post a picture of my girlfriend and I soon.

itcommittee&community said...

Dear All,

ITCC would like all of you to see for yourselves how Keshi has time and time again displayed her love for ITCC.

Our staff awaits your arrival.

Happy New Year!



SSB said...

Sweet Saby... I agree with Anonymous... YOU are a Lesbian!!! :-D You respect us and we love you for it.

This post is inspiring as it shows positive attributes to our world so lacking in the public eye.

With some of the movies out there like "Boys Don't Cry" and "High Art" our world is pictured as though we all just sit around and stay doped up or that we have or cause drama for others to the point of physical harm.

Thank you for your respect Saby.
As always,
I love you,

P.S. I would like to post a link to this post of yours as this positive light should be shared with all.

Lynn Taylor said...

Hi love! I'm back.Sorry for the long absence. Beautifull post Saby! U make me proud to be who I am.Thank U my friend.....Sky.