Thursday, February 23, 2006

a gamble: u have won Rs 5,30,000, wud u risk it all for another gamble?

Roopa is in the hot seat

She has just won Rs 5,30,000/-
She is given an alternate offer

walk away with this amount or continue gambling

she may loose it all in the next gamble and get a chloromint instead of walking away with this huge amount

she may win Rs 100,000,000/- or the mint

Roopa is a pavement dweller

Roopa chose DEAL

'Yeh pal humme yaad ayengi' she says as she wipes a tear
'this moment i will remember for life'


Anonymous said...

A man is doing push ups on the beach, Santa sees him and starts laughing loudly and says, "Sorry to tell you but the women below you has already left

Keshi said...

Its always great to hear someone in real need winning a lottery that big...woohoo! :)


Anonymous said...

Now in India

Sony Entertainment Television, India’s No. 2 general entertainment channel, presentS the World’s most celebrated reality game show - Deal Ya No Deal for the first time in India.

Deal Ya No Deal, is a unique reality game show format which tests an individual’s ability to make the right choices and an opportunity to win upto Rs 1 crore! Hosted by Madhavan this reality game show is about intelligent choices, where the right choice can make the winner a ‘crorepati’.

From your BSNL / MTNL landline call 1901 425 2525 to play Deal Ya No Deal

Terms & Conditions

cheesemeister said...

Nope, I play conservatively. Unless what I've one is a pathetically small amount that it doesn't matter much if I win or lose, I'll take the money and run!

Caraf said...

OOWW SABY I HATE Mandira Bedi's voice and her behavior on the show... ewww ewwww ewwww.. cant wait to see ONE indian lady wearing something on TV that she'd actually wear in a real life situation!

Lady Sappho said...

Not worth gambling for more. That's just greedy. Take what you get and be happy with it. I think that goes for anything in life actually. Don't risk what you got unless you're already willing to give it up.

kkalpz said...

hey too watched that "dabbawala" episode on deal ya no deal...u knw what i liked abt that guy...when 1 crore went out of the game he was pretty cool abt it...have seen ppl break down after such a dissapointment but the sheer exhuberance of this chap was awesome...what say??

Anonymous said...