Friday, February 03, 2006

Our babes are better than yours

Sorry James... Our babes are better than yours


Pierce Brosnan is sulking summat fierce. I can imagine how he feels on losing the 'bond' with his guns, gals and gizmos to a younger '007'. Such is the allure of playing James - the most famous spy of all.

But frankly, dear James, take away the mega budgets and the 3Gs (guns, gals and gizmos); and our G9 (gunmaster) flicks are as good if not better.

What adds to the allure of our desi phillums are our gorgeous women. I mean, Gulshan Grover may be keeping all his fmgers crossed for a shoo-into the new 007 movie - and the casting agents are being as secretive as if this were a real spy story; but yawn ...

gimme 'Dhoom' and its sequel anyday.
I mean, just look at Aishwarya Rai... and when I say 'look', I mean in the way John Travolta says it in 'Get Shorty'. She's perfection personified.

In fact, for her first ever interview on joining Bollywood, I'd described her as 'Snow White' - damning the dwarfs of jealousy. And my description of the 'most beautiful girl in the world' was no fairytale.

Years on...
every major list in the world is merely reiterating that. She's more beautiful than classic Bond beauty Jane Seymour, surely.

Now 'look' at Sushmita. No hoopla, no fanfare, yet top of mind on the 'international bestsellers' list. No Barbara Bach can match that timeless face and elegance.

Look at bubbly, lovely Preity. Her dimples can outclass those of Denise Richards any day. And she's done a decent 'spy' flick ('The Hero') too.
The world's most desirable Indian gal alive

- Bipasha Basu - can and has matched the 'Venus rising from the sea' act of Ursula Andress (repeated by Halle Berry). Probably leaving as much a 'desired' effect than the two Bond hotties.

Priyanka, of the dusky beauty fame, can successfully play cohort to any 007.

And the class act of Lara Dutta can be as impressionable as Britt Ekland ever was. These two could lend that touch of exotica to any Bond's erotica alright.

Take a look at Rani Mukherjee'S brown eyes and her petite beauty. Her talent is a bonus. Could any Diane Krueger (she played Helen in 'Troy') hold a candle to her? Nope! I don't think so.

Likewise, the delicate Amrita Rao is defmitely my favourite over Sophie Marceau.

Kajol is as stunning and probably more talented than Angelina Jolie;

Kareena can give even the hottest-Charlie's Angel, Cameron Diaz, a run for 'sex appeal'

and our dear Mallika Sherawat can be as exotic as Michelle Yeoh.
There's a classic example of when I'd once introduced Hollywood actor Jason Scott Lee to the stunning Sonali Bendre. He'd stared dumbfounded for a whole minute before complimenting, "My God, you're more beautiful than Catherine Zeta Jones!" He'd offered her to audition for a mega casting that was to take place in London;

but Sonali had demurely turned it down.
And even as I write, Thandie Newton has been declared the new Bond gal.

But without Ash - 'Casino Royale' and its actress are thandi at best...
Just proves my point Mr Bond, our Bombshells of Mass Destruction are better than yours. Yea, yea!

- by Omar Querishi in the 'O' Spot as appeared in the TOI, Mumbai edition


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