Saturday, July 19, 2008

A prostitute may not be a prostitute: Pretty woman

Richard Gere was lost
Richard Gere picked up a hooker by mistake to show him the way
Julia was interesting
Richard got interested

He took her home
treated her well
He wanted her as a companion
Richard moved in rich circles
He got his man to teach her the fine arts
How to use cutlery, how to dress, and superficial stuf like that
knowing that is superficial and dont really matter

Soon Julia was transformed into a lady, almost
One day at an event at the race course, he had to tell his business partner that she is just a hooker
His business partner was an asshole
He treated her like a hooker

Julia cried, she wanted out
packed her bags and was about to leave

Richard walked in
where u going? he asked

She told her what he had done
Richard asked her to stay, she was adamant
Richard emptied the wad of bills in his wallet (a huge sum) and gave it to her
and said Bye

She left
without the money

Prostitute definition: one who can be bought by money


Miranda said...

True......good definition. But it was still kind of a nice cinderella story.

Rex Venom said...

Hell. I think most of us are in some braod way a Prostitute. Really. I dont really Want to go to work sometimes, to smile at the idiots, and play the game. But I do. For the money.
Rock on!