Tuesday, July 15, 2008

He will be 82 today

He had a ruff childhood
studied in boarding schools
took the cane many times

joined the Royal Navy
before he cud pee straight

he was handsome though
got seduced by two elderly ladies
he cant recall who had him first

sailed many ships
destroyers and frigates

rose in the ranks
retired as an Admiral i think

got knighted by the Queen
wrote a book on his life

told all
the joys,the sorrows, the ecstasies

lived life to the full
and then married a Rose, named Mary

and stayed married 55 years and still counting
He is weird

Happy Birthday Vest
wish him here


krystyna said...

Fantastic man!
Happy Birthday to Vest!

CIELO said...

Happy Birthday, Vest! Blessings from our Heavenly Father


rosemary. said...

Rosemary, vests wife. said...
Those of you who visit vest's latest post; Anon 3 and click on (Vest) will get to a blog named INMNUTSINCAPS, where an exaltation of my hubby can be read.I myself am aware hubs never aspired to such a great nautical altitude, however I cannot dispute the other gestures of goodness, but take the other romantic segments with a pinch of salt, but possibly was an apprenticement, for his final escapade with yours truly. Thank you for the niceties and kindness shown, to me he is a wonderful Man.


MARIA said...

Happy Birthday to you, Vest!

bindhiya said...

Happy Birthday, vest. God bless you and family...

Jim, great post for your friend..

love and ((hugs))

Kai C. said...

wow happy birthday to vest!:)

Anonymous said...

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