Thursday, July 17, 2008

Corrective Action

u see a starving man on the street

what do u do?

Suggested Actions:

1. take him to Mother Theresas home

Fine, but thats not enuff

2. Do a Root Cause Analysis now

Why is he starving?

Ans: No food, no money

Why is he so poor?

Ans: No job, no income

Why no job, no income?

Ans: No education, no vocational kills


Kill the Root Cause - Teach him to fish

send him to a good FREE school

send him to Christian schools, started by foreign Jesuits

in Mumbai:

St Xaviers

Fr Agnel


Don Boscos


Anonymous said...

the Madrassa dont impart vocational skills

they only teach Urdu and the Koran

Anonymous said...

The Ministers in India are not interested in eradication poverty

Poor people are a VOTE BANK
give them SOPS

free food
HAJ saubsidy and stuff like that

Rex Venom said...

Can't I just get him a burger?
Rock on!

Vest said...

Marie Antonette said "LET THEM EAT CAKE"