Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Original Faith

: A Few Book-Related Items
This low-traffic holiday week is great for doing chores associated with a book launch – and it’s been a lot of fun having some of you run into Original Faith becoming available here on the site.Some of you have asked if I’d sign your copy. Wish I could. Main obstacle is that I can’t mail things myself, so it would be added work for someone already out straight with doing things for me.Some have asked if I’ll keep blogging – definitely.I’ll be very interested in reactions to the book and welcome your feedback, either via this blog or email. I can’t answer all email but will certainly read it all and will answer as much as I can.If you like the book, please recommend it to someone and pass on my URL. This would be especially useful in helping Original Faith find a readership in my circumstances.Next up: Starting to think about love…
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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Book Note: Original Faith Available . . .
Original Faith: Finding the Interfaith Soul of Progressive Religion and Spirituality has just become available on Amazon and Target. (For libraries, it’s also in the WorldCat catalog.)The number of inquiries about the book has gone up lately, so although the press release hasn’t gone out yet and parts of the information on the book’s Amazon page are still being developed, I wanted to let you know.We’re hoping to get an international sales channel that would allow people outside the US to order online without having to pay so much postage, but not sure yet if that can happen.I truly appreciate your readership here – the level of thoughtfulness that people have brought to these threads has been wonderful.The book covers the whole range of spiritual life and growth as broadly and deeply as I’ve been able to experience and understand it. It was written over a period of twenty-five years, starting from when I was leading a full life, through years of disease progression, and into severe disability – “in sickness and in heath,” as they say. (I guess I was sort of married to it…)Here are the contents. I believe that the book is likely to have something to offer you wherever you happen to be in your own experience and understanding of what our being here is all about:ContentsChapter 1: What Love IsChapter 2: Despair Under HeavenChapter 3: The Fact of FaithChapter 4: Stumbling Block: EgoChapter 5: Willingness and PracticeChapter 6: The Nature of WorkChapter 7: Nature’s Work of TransformationChapter 8: Working from World-CenterChapter 9: Owning the Greater ClaimAfterword: Owning the DarknessLove –Paul
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Saturday, June 28, 2008

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