Saturday, January 19, 2008

the whistle blower

In Memoriam ...
Satyendra was an honest and upright engineer working on the Golden Quadrilateral Highway project. Outraged by the corruption he encountered, he took on the construction mafia pulling up contractors for shoddy work and notifying superiors. Frustrated with inaction, he finally wrote to the Prime Minister urging action. Requesting confidentiality, he detailed the "loot of public money" and "poor implementation".

The letter
was forwarded down the bureaucratic chain. Dubeyji, as his IIT mates fondly called him, received numerous threats from those he blew the whistle on. A chain of events, currently being investigated by the CBI, led to Dubeyji's murder in the early hours of November 27, 2003 in Gaya.
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Anonymous said...

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Rex Venom said...

All things are done as they are meant to be done.
I wander all your blogs. Sometimes I find one I think I may have missed before. You have so many!
Rock on!

Keshi said...

thats a VERY sad story...