Sunday, January 06, 2008

nostalgia party

I just got home from a party
a nostalgia party

we meet once a year
Ashok and Sandy was here
shabeer bandookwala was here too

and Naushir and Xavier
the guy who showed his penis to Meena was absent
and Sanober didnt show up too
Usha didnt come too

Mario and Lallu was here
Galia didnt show up

we teleconferenced with nandan
Keith Bennet from UK was here along with Terence

Menino and Anil and Pratap and Rodney
cudnt make it
they were up in the sky

Costy was here
Susan didnt show up

Joe and Edna and albert and peggy were here
and Saby and Maria

we had a great time

PS: Lalu is running for the marathon again today

he left early


Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

how cute!! :)

Keshi said...

how nice!


krystyna said...

For me, 60 is not a scary number too.
Best to you, Jim!

Keshi said...

I hope I look like that when Im 60 :)


Vest said...

Keshi is too beautiful and will never age. xxx

Vest said...

The match referee in the 2nd test; Mike Procter an ex South African cricketer(during the Apartheid period) when coloured persons were deemed unfit to play for the bigoted South African Cricket team, has used his one eyed powers to suspend the best Indian bowler on the heresay of a guy who deliberately dresses in a manner likely to cause himself to be rediculed.
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Tuesday, 8 January 2008 08:49:00 AM EST

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Vest said...

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