Monday, January 21, 2008

climate change

NEW DELHI: The city woke up to a misty, chilly morning on Sunday. With the temperature touching 0.2 degrees Celsius, residents had a hard time adjusting to the cold wave. In some parts of the city, people mistook the early morning frost for snow, something the Capital is yet to witness. R K Wadhwa, a resident of R K Puram sector I who goes for a walk early in the morning, said: "It was exceptionally cold this morning, but since I am quite used to cold waves I didn't think much of it. However, I saw something white on some cars parked in the colony and when I took a closer look, I realised it was snow." Wadhwa wasn't the only one to be fooled. Anita Sharma, a school-teacher in Vasant Kunj, woke up her five-year-daughter because she saw "snow" on their terrace. "We live on the third-floor and someone called to tell me it was snowing in Delhi. I went up to the terrace to check and I was sure it was snow. I woke up my daughter to show her the snow."



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