Saturday, January 26, 2008

Boot up - The confused desi in firangi land

When u walk for a while
your boot laces tend to get loose

Boot up!

when u r a desi
u go by desi mores
handed down to u by your Indian parents of another generation

u tie your laces real tight
leading to discomfort

and the firangis laff

Boot up means
dont be a firangi
dont ditch your indian culture

which is
dont wear jeans, bikinis
wear sari only

dont have lovers
get married first
then fall in love

be a virgin bride
- Pithaly

now when a desi goes to firangi land
she imbibes a new culture

kick of your boots
and go dancing in the park, barefoot
and nude


Anonymous said...

You ass, that's not what I said. pithaly

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...


Yeah right!

Anonymous said...

Saby, I did not speak of any firangi-desi or saree-jeans crap. I was speaking about you. How your shoe laces have become totally untied. Since they had been tied so long, so tight by the church. The totally untied shoelace analogy has made you to send send dirty smses to your clients (I've met them and they have complained), speak dirty to your lady friends (one of whom had to change her mobile card because of you), lady customers, (I've met them too, and they have complained too), to prove some kind of shock and awe, walk naked in hotels, create troubles fro your brothers, borrow money which you never intend to return (and that includes from me), and then take the excuse of being bipolar. YOU ARE NOT BIPOLAR. So, take a little advice from a langoti dost and tie up your shoe laces, but not too tight :).

It's a painful thing to tear away from the religion which has been inculcated in you from birth, but am sure that you will succeed, without causing yourself so much misery.

I'm your childhood friend, and so gave you some friendly advice. I don't think you will earn any brownie points from anyone by twisting words. Well, maybe from a few "frineds", but those who know you better... well!!

And hey!! You are welcome to write about about anything we speak on your blog! No problems there!! You know where to start, LOL! "As Buddy Guy said, "She was 19 years old!!"

And yeah, like James Brown said, it's a Man's World, but it's nothing, nothing, NOTHING, without a woman or a girl!! I stick by that.

And please don't teach me Polish. I know more Polish than you ever will.


And for those who are trying to buy their way into heaven, Goodluck!!


Lienumberone said...

Anonymous said...

Yeah right. There are consequences to having sex before marriage, and some know that only too well!!

Anonymous said...

There are less consequences in having sex after marriage, LOLL!!

Anonymous said...

That was me too.


Anonymous said...

Why is sex so overrated? lol!

Loon Gal

Anonymous said...

Because you are under-rated, LOL!! (That's a compliment).

Anonymous said...

whatever that means!