Saturday, January 19, 2008

a hott chat on a hott day

Jim: hi tall legs
Donna : lol hi saby

Jim: short pants
Donna : :O short pants

Jim: your ass cheels are showing
Jim: cheeks
Donna : lol
Jim: the sheikhs are rising

Jim: whats new?
Donna : nothin it was raining pretty heabily in dubai
Donna : thre wre floods here
Jim: great
Jim: put on your bikini
Donna : lol

Donna : ur missing on keshis blog why
Jim: i am busy
Jim: screwing mary
Donna : :O im surprised u get it up ;) (srry bad joke)
Jim: hahaha
Jim: try me
Donna : lol

Donna : naaa thnks ;)
Donna : im happy with wht i have right now
Jim: variety
Jim: try all shapes and sizes
Jim: and ages
Donna : lol

Donna : so hows the weather in india right now
Jim: nice
Jim: conversation piece
Jim: talk hott
Jim: more funn
Jim: wanna see mine?

Donna : noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Jim: hehehehe
Jim: show me yours
Jim: pussy
Jim: havent seen a mangy pussy yet
Donna : :((
Jim: hehehehe

Jim: u like it in the butt?
Donna : X-(
Jim: i guess no
Jim: mouth?
Donna : lol never tried it an dont wanna everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Jim: tastes good
Jim: i taste good
Jim: u taste good?
Donna : Urggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
Jim: hehehehe

Jim: u r not verry innovative
Donna : wht can i sya im boring i dont lik the superficial artificial online cybering crap
Donna : its all artificcal
Donna : all fake it

Jim: missionary all the time is boring
Donna : u need to have a emotianla connection to peole u speak abt intimately
Jim: we have it
Jim: dont we?
Jim: no???
Jim: bye

Donna : bye
Jim: hello
Donna : wht
Jim: we can fix it
Jim: we can fall in love

Donna : saby dont play around im not in the mood yaar
Donna : why talk crap like htis
Donna : at times its just bullshit which im not interested in

Jim: ok u choose the topic
Donna : i have aguy whom i love and am married to and thats it
Jim: great
Jim: what do we talk about?
Jim: we already talked about the weather

Donna : hows ur job going on
Jim: good
Donna : im into the property business her in uae
Jim: topic over

Jim: next
Jim: i know
Jim: topic over
Jim: next
Donna : ufffffffffffffffffffffffffffff sabyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ur impossibleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :((

Jim: see what i mean
Jim: i hate small talk
Donna : lols

Jim: i love to talk hott
Donna : lol n im bad at it

Jim: most sex jokes are funny
Donna : tell me
Jim: its not about telling
Jim: its discussing
Jim: what u like and where

Donna : mening.//
Jim: i just asked u
Jim: in the mouth nose ears
Jim: hehehehe

Jim: i am posting this coversation to keshis blog
Jim: conversation
Jim: watch keshis blog

Jim: oh God
Jim: she fainted

Jim: farts on her face
Jim: that did it
Jim: jessica recovers
Jim: hahahahahahaha

Jim: i told u sex talk is good funn
Donna : bck srry was on the phone

Jim: read
Donna : lol whts there to faint abt it :P
Jim: i was kidding
Jim: but let me post it
Jim: OK?
Donna : ok
Jim: ok??????
Donna : ok

Jim: oh fuck
Jim: she gott balls
Jim: i am talking to a man
Donna : :P

Jim: u ben kidding me all alone
Jim: kidding me all along

Jim: damn
Jim: i have been made a sucker
Donna : lolz

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Anonymous said...

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