Thursday, June 23, 2005

Who said dis to whom ?

- All time classic quotes

‘There goes my baby wid someone new
She sure looks happy
I sure am blue’

I am going to make him an offer he cant refuse

Frankly my dear
I don’t give a damn

‘I miss u so
I need u soo
Dat I cud die’

‘U don’t understand!
I cuda have had class
I cuda been a contender
I cud have been somebody
Instead of a bum’

‘She is an up town girl’

‘Bach ke rehana baba
Bach ke rehana’

Wat is your mobile number, baby?’

‘Dilwale dulhana le jayenge’

‘I may not be good looking
I may not be too rich
But I got beeg tits’

Is it a bird?
Is it a plane?

‘Tie a yellow ribbon on the old oak tree
If u still want me’

Devil wooman let go of my hand
I wanna go home to Mary

‘Woe is me !
Shame and scandal in the famoly’
Mom said
‘Your dad aint yr dad
But he don’t know’

‘Bhaalu, my name is Bhaalu
I am a tinker’

‘Give me your best shot’

‘Go ahead make my day’

I told my monkey to do the dog
But he turned around shook his head
And did Gomey instead
He is real funky
Dat monkey

Toto, I got a feeling we’re not in Kansas any more’

Hey guys !

i added some more mushy stuff

i am grateful for ....


The Gome said...

still pissin around with my linkage. u happy? i put naked pics?

Anonymous said...

dis GOMEY is the dumbest guy in the universe

he still dont no how to link
i bet he dont no how to fuck either

dat is a good ting
for the animals on his farm

Anonymous said...

Saby you are a sick bastard. You go after fragile chat personalities like bhaaluu and sebia. These bloggers cannot fight back. So you go after them with vengence. You play mind games with Keshi, write filty comments on Janice's blog, pester pearl, tanvi and rohit with sexual dirt. These chatters have fired back at you which is why you shut up so easily.

You have no respect for others and put on a facade of being an old man with a family. A family man will not spend so much time blogging and wondering whose blog to fill with sex related topics. You are a lone person with a sick mind and its sad that people allow you to comment on their blogs or even laugh at your perverted jokes when not directed at them.

You are a heartless person with no morals. You are another Ted Bundy online.

Anonymous said...

i wud like to meet Ted Bundy and u


Keshi said...

Saby I didnt get a thing! R u alright? lol!


Anonymous said...

NO ???
i tot u had beeg tits


saby said...

Annony mouse ur an ass but wid out class

go to
for classy asses

Anonymous said...

you r still a TED BUNDY! u might also be a mumbai rapist on the loose

Anonymous said...

H E L P !
am looking for some body to come to my farm,

and teach me

Cyen said...

saby,saby wanted to say hi and give big well..your pal..shae.

The Gome said...

you really think of my sexlife saby, shit man u are a hopeless loser :(

Anonymous said...

heyyyy Gomey,
am only trying to help a pal
hope u will do the same for me some day

when my deek expires
i hope u will gimme a brand new one
like the one Rexx gott


Anonymous said...

beware of saby bundy in mumbai!!!

Anonymous said...

June 24, 2005
1 i am grateful dat i am still here today
2. and dat she is here wid me too
3. and dat i havent lost my sense of humor inspite of being cussed, called dirty names, ...
4. and dat i no dat she will not stop loving me no matter wat bad press i get
5. and dat GOMEY loves me too still

saby said...

Heyyyyy Janice!

1. If you were to take your clothes off right now, the world would see: (tick mark)

a. Your favorite matching bra and panties. You go, girl!

b. Beautiful separate pieces, just not in the same color palette.

c. Acceptable, clean white underwear with no noticeable holes.

d. Stretched elastic in the panties, holes on the left cheek, and the wire out of the rim on one side of your bra.

saby said...

Anonymous said...


The Gome said...

saby can't be a rapist, he'd get his ass kicked
frail old pac-man