Saturday, June 25, 2005

Recap of the best of dis brave new World .... ....

Live life King size

art of loving


Anonymous said...


You are an intelligent guy but you choose to be different from other normal people all in the name of testing their limits to unacceptable levels. Where is the intelligence in that? You delibertely humiliate people on their blogs. You have mercilessly bashed Fira Cub and Keshi by allowing vulgar pornographic material with their names inserted in the story. You do not respect their friendship and try to destroy it with all your might. You are despicable with Janice, Sebia and Tanvi, and keep repeating the vulgarity just to spite them. Are you being a good human here? You mock at the love of Pearl and Rohit. They are kids in love, let them be. Why do humiliate these people for no apparent reason? They welcome you to comment on their blogs so that there is no place for any animoisity. Yet, you time and time again show your disrespect for all bloggers with your shocking sexual perversions. You have gained nothing but taunts and no real friends. Indiatimes chat is a unique place where people make life-long friendships. We chat at indiatimes to forget the daily hassels we face in life. Why do you try to ruin it?

Stop harrassing these bloggers.It will get you nothing but hatred.

saby said...

u can burn my house
and step on my blue suede shoes
and call me a sonovabitch

but done u ever, ever
ever call me 'normal'

Anonymous said...

read what I typed dumbass. you CHOOSE to be different from NORMAL people.

Anonymous said...

aside from hate mail
i also get such mail

Discover how sex should be!

Fuck-Friends are easier to find

Fuck-friends are healthy

Does Ur Cock Hard Enough?

Better than Viagra

Less time, less effort but better s ...

Cyen said...

how do you Monsier Mad Cap find the enormous energy to blog all those blogs..amazing..big hugs..cyen *shae*

saby said...

Monsieur Madcap says:

Yup, it's tuff
but i have to change the world before i leave

and i dont have much time

Anonymous said...

'Make dis world a better place; Castrate Saby today'

Anonymous said...

'Make dis world a better place; Castrate Saby today'

Anonymous said...

'Make dis world a better place; Castrate Saby today'

Anonymous said...

'Make dis world a better place; Castrate Saby today'

Anonymous said...

'Make dis world a better place; Castrate Saby today'

saby said...

said the eunuch mouse, the result of my carving knife

jkhkhjkh said...

Anonymouse, whoever or whichever one it is, has put the point succintly. (that of course does not excuse him of putting up equally crass and vulger posts, as also trying to damage the community). Saby. Pay heed. These are a good group of friends you have, and please value their friendship. I think everyone's got your point. You are horny. At least in the mind. good! Keep it up! Now move on. At least keep the sexy stuff romantic, not pornographic. Its much more horny like that, believe me.

And if you do need an outlet for all the porny stuff and noises in your head, earch another group, who will appreciate such stuff. Sure, Ms. Miranda would also probably fit in fine there. At least she does not spam.

Your old-old friend, Pithaly

saby said...

Heyyy Pithaly,
dis is a globalized world
there aint no boundaries
no groups

and if u read my header/profile u will see
guys have been fore-warned wat to expect here

and hey these aint under i8's here
they no all wat there is to no

so, i aint corrupting the youth
heyyy and please dont name names

as Janice will tell u
when she wore jeans in her neighbourhood in Mumbai

she wud invite lascivious stares
now she invites stares in california for being over dressed

also my dear Pitahly
the times have changed since our days

Anonymous said...

besides its all a matter of communication

when u talk u talk the language of the guy ur communicating with

and words are not bad or good
tots are


Demon Queen said...


All this for a post.

Saby b u self!

Love you.

jkhkhjkh said...

Demon Queeen (Demon Queen?! Give me a break! With all that booze and "narco" inn your guts, I wonder if you can evne make a proper breakfast. What? You drink the cold milk straight out of the can? Make sure at least its fresh. And see the condition of your room! You do need to wash clothes sometimes, at least. And do take care of that persistant itch. You never know what it could be.). You are new here aren't you? Well its not about one post.

And I see that you are actually living the American Dream. That's good. Looks like the Zionists have got into your brain. Aah! You cannot think for yourself? Too bad. Oh! you did try once? Eh? You say the thought died of loneliness? Ha! So that was it!

Booze and natcho. And your boyfriend? Steak and Whisky, right?

And pray, why do you exactly think that McNabb pulling it off will be awesome, and that everyone visitng your blog is in total awe at your observation? Go to sleep. If you are able to et up in the morning for your daily duties, that could actually save mankind. AND STAY FAR FAR AWAY FROM THIS BLOG. If I ever see you posting on this blog again, I will send a flurry on anonymouses to you, and you can never get rid of them.

"Yes... I've had too much beer and too many nachos... Drunk blogging is okay as long as you remember to close one eye when you're looking at the screen. So I'm looking at a 7 to 7 tie right now, I'm not really into T.O. but I'm hoping McNabb can pull this off... that would be awesome! I had to... "

jkhkhjkh said...


Yes, I have read your blog disclaimer. But the posts you put on other people's sites, is pushing your comments, not waiting for someone to arrive on your blog and read it. It looks like a lot of persons (ep. young girls) seem to be mentally violated by your posts. Why not, to be different from others (i.e., not be "normal", since I think the majority of the world has taken this truncated lefte hand path, and therefore, people like you are "normal" in today's context), adnd really be different.

jkhkhjkh said...

"also my dear Pitahly
the times have changed since our days"

Time since "our days" (whatever that means), have not changed one little bit. Are you trying to say, that since there is greater sexual promiscuity now than it was earlier, that means times have changed, and since they have changed, and we have no brains, so we should also become sexually promiscous? Sexual promiscuity came about only after the desecration of women by the Nazis during the second world war. The entire gambit, of making the female promiscous (for the benefit of the male, as usual), was a very very clever work. Remember the "Lucky Strike" cigarette ad. in Amerika? "You have come a long way Baby!" Lucky Strike actually hired prostitutes for a rally to promote cigarette smoking to women.

All the booze, nachos and cigarettes are going to dry up the uterus of all these so-called "times have changed" people! Heh! Imagine, 3 pound and 4 pound birth weight on delivery. Grow up. If these are young people, who are ready to "tolarate" you with all your crap, see how much they will really love you, if instead you are helpful and encouraging instead. So-called Germain Greere feminism is one of the biggest jokes of this century! As the situation is slowly proving itself out.

asically, you are in the clutches of the media and big business, and its starnge, with all your intelligence (which I know you are), you are falling prey. Cant you see through all this? The other bloggers are young. Fortunately, some are intuitionally wary. Others will become wary. some poor souls will never ever think it out.

80% of online business on the internet is porn. And you think you are different? Dont make me laugh!

jkhkhjkh said...

Better take some quick action Saby, before YOU regret introducing me to blogging.

jkhkhjkh said...

"as Janice will tell u
when she wore jeans in her neighbourhood in Mumbai

she wud invite lascivious stares
now she invites stares in california for being over dressed"

Ah! But that also implies that Janice was looking into the eyes of people, else how would she know that people were staring at her?

One can walk, without looking all over the place, to see who is looking at you. Its like this:

I wear jeans for the first time. Its the first time for me. For some strange reason, due to my pre-programming in my barin, I feel there is something not right in doing it. When I walk out of the door, I am anxious to "see" the reactions of others. God help someone who looks a little longer! Instantaneously the mind assumes all sorts of nonsense. Its a very very mild form of paranoia. Take some drugs for six months, and this sort of thinking will turn into real paranoia. The ego loves to think that everyone is looking at you. The real fact is, no one cares. That's difficult to digest.
And its the biggest bullshit, that if you wear jeans in Amerika, people think you are overdressed. You are a sucker to believe that!

jkhkhjkh said...

"Discover how sex should be!"
"Fuck-Friends are easier to find"
"Fuck-friends are healthy"
"Does Ur Cock Hard Enough?"
"Better than Viagra"

That's merely because either your email ID has been hacked and is being spammed, or more likely, since you have "subcribed" with your email ID to pornographic sites. Without one of these, you cannot and will not get such emails, even if you prayed with all your might.

Why dont you allow people to "subscribe" (hopefully with an "unsubscribe" option, with their blog names on your site, which would indicate that such persons would not mind receiving comments from you, whatever they may be. You may actually start off a new blog trend.

jkhkhjkh said...

Hey, Saby, someone commented that your are a profilic blogger. Where are you? Gone to sleep?

Anonymous said...

Pithaly, Saby normally wakes up in the wee hours of the morning and then blog hops and leaves dirty comments on these various blogs while the rest of us are asleep. When we wake up in the morning with a nice cup of hot coffee, we see his perverted comments and start with a bad day. He has no idea how much hurt and pain he induces. He talks to other female bloggers like they are from the street. These female bloggers do not want to fight him off because he is an active blogger who relentlessly posts comment after after comment and then if he is banned from their blog, he resorts to posting lewd stuff on his own blog to mock at them. Saby, exactly what are you teaching the younger generation? That it is ok to force people even young girls to talk about sex? That it is ok to make obscene remarks about their body?

Stop this facade of -- I am not a normal guy attitude.

Anonymous said...

Demon Queen, If Saby is himself, we can all turn into sex obsessed perverts right away. Let us all register at a porn site pronto and only discuss sex. Let us degrade the female gender and humiliate them.

Once all of us start doing that, Saby will immediately don the suit of a "normal guy" and start preaching to everyone about the evils of being an overlustful person and and how innocence of the younger generation should be redeemed.

You are a useless clown and no one finds your lewdness funny.

saby said...

i find it funny

hehehe ....

i find it funny dat Pithaly too has turned into s profilic blogger

i find it funny too dat dis post had invited so many comments from guardians of society

and ino where to draw the line
and obviously pithaly hasnt been on chat at IT

he is living in the old world
dis old man

i tot i was old
he is much older

saby said...

one ting the noises in my head told me is never to judge ppl

please dont name names if u do

saby said...

Yeah Pithaly
i went to sleep early

i was sad
for 2 reasons

my bro rebuked me
when i smsed him a lewd sardarji joke

and then u
but then an angel who calls herself demon queen

kissed away the pain when i woke up

i tank God for sending me dis angel

saby said...

by the way
my bloggs have a lott more than sex and porn and they have been categorized

but guys only see wat they want to see

i wish the other bloggs wud invite as much debate as dis one has

Anonymous said...

Sex is a beautiful thing. You degrade it to the lowest forms. What debate do you expect from sane people?

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