Sunday, June 05, 2005

my american friends ......

i wanna be in america
i wanna be wid Mara-the sexy cow girl, Burfica-eating her bagels and her brains, and to sip Mirandaaa, the irish lasses Mel and Shaee, Kitten who loves dogs, and the hottest wooman in the universe Madame X (her brains are hott too),

Dorky is superlative (but watch wat u say, she is a bible toting wooman)

OPIE i can do wid out, Rex is fine

i wanna hugg the american flag which these woomen proudly display

and i want to tank Gomey for dis pic

'if life is a bowl of cherries,
wat am i doing in the pits?!

- Gomey
the first girl to land on his post, the ausiie took one look and went YUCK!


Kerry said...

puurrsss saby i love
i am ordering that looks at the picture, oppps that my other web page lol la la la la ...

hugs i love that picture i would share with you in that dream

Kerry said...

saby, lmao, miranda is from not american lol however i do believe she would look wonderful wearing an american flag...smiles at the

saby said...

i agree

too bad i wasnt 'born in the USA'
but i hope to get laid in the US of A

Cyen said...

lordy,lordy..looky there..gots to get that for my american love..looks at kez..whosegoing to fight over the leather hey saby..long time no hear..freat taste there..whoa!!!

Anonymous said...

is she wearing a dress or is that a paint?

Cyen said...

you absolutely rock..!!!

saby said...

cant u see its a painted dress

and dont touch
the paint is still wet

Anonymous said...


stacey said...

hey there!even I was dressed this way during the time of election.It reminded me of that and the only thing was I had a election logo on my body..

saby said...

dont believe u Stacey,
send me evidence