Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Mallika in short skit in shorter skirt .....

Now showing in Vagina Monologues .....

Psssst! .... u want more hott stuff?
go to

if u dont leave comments, no one will no u been viewing porn


Miranda said...

Hey Saby, just to let you know I was here...but not viewing porn :P Im at work...and tooo skeered to open it. :P

saby said...

HA !
i bet u had a peep

Miranda said...

:P !! actually no...but Im sure gonna when I get home

diffy said...

heard shes gotta spanish..squeeze!!!

Anonymous said...

huh ?? wats dat ?


Anonymous said...

At 4:06 AM, Anonymous said...
Saby when I said same to u , u sided keshi and made fun of me.

The thing is Saby,

no one is honest

everyone is biased and repeatedly have to use dis word 'hypocrite'

I dont think Keshi will keep that comment ..niether this..she cant take any kind of criticism

only favourable she favors
sad is her life

inspite of saying this whther on ITCC blog or here ..she is not agreeing and yet being egoistic self

i only say GOD bless her

and Saby remember now since u criticized
she will make all sort of fun of you calling u old faggot LOL and wat not

though i think u care less

dats what she is

Saby I say leave her
She is dumbincaps

I believed very fast day dat u r sensitive enuff guy

and Keshi needs love and wants praise
and for that she could be fake and dishonest , lies and worst to worst she can get down soo low

she will make fun of lesser people

saying things like

"only thing for untalented and ugly is suicide"

This made me realise how low is this girl

She is whore ..a slut ..a vixen ..a curse that happened to us that we got to know this fcking whore
no matter how much she make fun of me now , i will say it
and i think people r here saner not to listen to above line.
There r other beautiful people around Saby

Be with them.

anony mouse lover of Saby

At 4:30 AM, Dewdrop said...
Keshi, a very touching post. Our loved ones are our treassure. Feel blessed to have them around you and since death is so unpredictable to strike any minute, the best thing we can do is share and spread happiness around.
This might make you smile...

"Life's not worth living, and that's the truth,"
Carelessly caroled the golden youth.
In manhood still he maintained that view
And held it more strongly the older he grew.
When kicked by a jackass at eighty-three,
"Go fetch me a surgeon at once!" cried he.
--Han Soper

At 4:39 AM, Anonymous said...
Look at dewdy.

havent she seen her on chat?

what crap she blabs?

yet y'all comment

this all is fakeeeee

Fuck you all .
Saby think ...will she ever even think of meeting u ,
i dont think she cares for u
when something is never meant
its crap to be associated with such a woman ..its waste ..its non-sense and to encourage her.

list of blind people and blondes -pearl , 4u2nvau,Misty,Tanvi.

Anonymous said...

yea rite this guy is too much into that girl(keshi)
now that im against keshi ,he will support her and revoke my argument


Anonymous said...

Saby creep , when u know some guys r wrong ..why u have to side?eh?
obviously I mean keshi and anna.

This is what happens in real life.Group of bully boys r supported and encouraged by guys whose aim in life is 'just for fun'.

"Vikas harassed the poor little boy sumeet and made fun of him but I dint do anything .I just laughed and clapped"

This is what u r .Is this what is written in bible or the christ preached or whoever?eh?

Anonymous said...

Certain things need not be written or read from any book or written in any of the blogs.It is to be understood as u grow up with experiences and with keeping ur feet on ground , being humble, being unprejudiced , fucking ur philosophy and expectation , having balanced and well thought principles which u stand by without caring about ur image and throwing it into garbage can.
Im bored to say anything more..

Anonymous said...

Saby kids 30 years younger to YOU r much wiser than YOU , idiot and can perceive things and react to facts much much better...

Anonymous said...

Saby asshole im gonna crucify and trash u today .I have decided that.

This saby eh asshole..u cant even say things fact to fact..instead what u do? humour the subject , say things twisted and in round about way.U know .u gotta say it straight and clear.This is success story and mantra of kamasutra.

It says "Raise your left leg this way and then blah blah"
Correct and very well explained sex position.

Not like you ..saying things twisted and making it humourous will never serve any purpose .If u gotta change things around , learn when to humour and when not to..just not for the sake of it and without understanding the rightness of the situation.

Anonymous said...

me i am 54 and why do i blogg ? ..... i wish to pass on my tots to the younger gen and i hope when i die my children will also read dis blogg and benefit from it. I also want to keep my self up-dated on wat is cool and wat is not ... as perceived by dis gen. If i were to be born again, i wud want to be a mother or a teacher in junior school. The fate of dis world depends on the values imbibed by the little ones today.

what things have u learnt?have u changed urself?what values have u imbibed in u and dis generationeh?Have u been the same fukall self u were always?You have been on blog since december 2004 , havent u?What changes has happned?what an asshole u were in this period and u continue to be?What wrong things u have done?what correct things in future u planning to do?eh?r u going to be same hypocrite saying things twisted without thinking a bit about it?Did u think of this???

Keshi said...

o shuttup anonymous we r bored with ur broken record lol!

Saby Im one of Mallika's fans...she's hottt! Doesnt matter what people say abt her or her clothes or her attittude, she knows what she wants and she gets it...thats all that matters.


Keshi said...

n oh preacher anonymous its time u change too - u have become a social disease that everyone wants to eradicate lolll!


Keshi said...

btw anonymous rat dont be excited, I didnt read ur comments at all - when I saw those long n boring 'ur this n ur that' type of comments under anonymous, i knew it was ur sad existence loll!


Anonymous said...

btw anonymous rat dont be excited, I didnt read ur comments at all - when I saw those long n boring 'ur this n ur that' type of comments under anonymous,



and why is saying even after reading all the comments and then furying, biting nails ,shivering , peeing plus leaving all the work aside ..and commenting this shows it allllllllllllll LOL!

Anonymous said...

heyy saby,

Keshi she is not fired from the office ,i seriously wonder.

She come to office , fite , cry leave comments.

she literally leaves in the blog world..get a life baby get a life awwwwww

Anonymous said...

Keshii poooooor pooorr pooorr

go to office

apply make up

adjust her cleavage so that it is visible to guys and co-workers

check her blog , who has left nice comments

Favourable ones im ready to sleep for 1 night others go to hell

hop from 1 blog to another
leave comments"word of wisdom there!"

lunch break

eat lipstick and make up plus calm down her anger with coke

go to ITCC blog , refresh the page every 5 min

is any one saying a thing about me?

oh yes this bastard is !"shows ur background:)"

ok done that

Totally lives in the blogworld!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

kayshit is nothin but pure shitttttt

Anonymous said...

*****kayshit is nothin but pure shitttttt

so why are you so obsessed with shit? it should be easy to give up on shit isnt it? but you keep coming back being hooked on the shit always? why? is it because you are shit too? lolz!

saby said...

adjust her cleavage so that it is visible to guys and co-workers

nutting rong in dat
if u gott it flaunt it

saby said...

heyyyy u annony mouse ex-lover of saby,

ur far too sensitive
u lack self esteem

how the fuck it matters wat an austrayalayan says to u ?

its how u see your self
dats important

and dont carry on dis verbal duel
u will loose

far greater men like CYNO and ROHAN bit the dust and havent recovered as yet

Keshi said...

lollll Saby well-said!

This loser does not have self-esteem or self-confidence or self-respect. Thats whay all this cry-baby symptoms for sooooooo long! Let him fry in his own heat - if it knocks him out to reality one day!!


--pearl-- said...

for sum reason i cant stand mallika n i dun find her hot from any angle watsoeva

saby said...

obviously u wont find her hott
unless ur les like kesh

Anonymous said...

I lyke keshi in shyt so shez keshyt. saby i luvvvvvvvvv u no matta wot u say 2 me. keshytttttt ur my self esteem. I seeeeee u and I get strongaaaa

Anonymous said...

Dis is wot keshit asks herself eveyday

what things have I learnt?have I changed myself? what values have I imbibed in myself and dis generationeh?Have I been the same fukall self I was always? I have been on blog since december 2004 , havent I? What changes has happned?what an asshole I was in this period and I continue to be?What wrong things I have done? what correct things in future I am planning to do? eh? am I going to be same hypocrite saying things twisted without thinking a bit about it?Did I think of this???

Anonymous said...

hahaha the thing is

Guys leave Saby and Keshi.

Saby is a old man who obviously got lotta time , dont like to say this again , but he has.He is not nuts , he is not mental.He suffered in life so much that he behaves with double standards , leave him.Y'day i saw him mouthing keshi on blog and today he sided her.This is what he is and so is Keshi.Shameless , basically.Both r old ..saby 54 .. Keshi 30 something.Saby probably is alone in life ..he is cheap fellow anyway how would any dotter would stay wid her? he talks about incest and stuff ..thats just ewwwwww.and keshi sides him becoz he leaves comments on blog or whatever the reason is.Saby basically doesnt realise that no one actually care about him .anyway tell me how would wanna associate more and get personal with 54 year old? who has no shame but to mingle with kids of 16 to 18 years age and talk about clit and breast.ok does anyone in their senses and with presence of mind will talk such about ur fellow it on blog?He is basically dirt..probably sex starved more so he underwent terrible surgery on u see him talk about pain on private parts.No doubt he is harmless anyway but u know old guys tendency to blab a lot .When it is considered annoying by Kids 1/3rd his age.Most of them make fun of him but no he is wid some purpose ..with some strategy preaching ash on what is right and hey guyz u saw how he lectures..crapster.He has no standards.I think we young guys shud leave him , basically his life is over and in few months he will dead too but who is bothered about him?pithaly LOL!? who? noone.He is gone case and sick .Im not gonna leave comments anymore.but this is to other kids in 20s who waste their time on morons and teaser guys like u who has nothing achieved in life..always complaining my generation was dis way and dat way