Saturday, May 28, 2005

indian pride takes a beating on indian soil..... ...........

the Bill Clinton visit

Clinton and the US embassy said no to 2 sanitized Mercs from our President's fleet
instead they insisted on 4 US embassy unsanitized cars

- a clear breach of India's security procedures for VVIP visitors


diffy said...

hey wrinkled feet...dat was coz ex prez had a few xtra cigars wich cudn't fit into our cars..

saby said...

heyyyyy Diffy,
where u been man

missed yr rinkled ass

Anonymous said...

dat gave Clinton another 20 mins on the plane

when he alighted
his fly was open
the press reported

jkhkhjkh said...

This is too good to miss:

Got this from Citrus's blog, while looking around for intelligence in the universe:

when evaluation of a subject comes down to a matter of opinion, i think mine could just as easily be the expert one.
posted by citrus at 5/25/2005 02:03:00 PM

Gary said...
You'll be surprised how often you cud be proven wrong, unless, of course, you're talking about a particularly philistine group of peers.

saby said...
it wud be the xpert one
if u were the only one dat survived the next World War

And now, dont miss the absolute British Jeeves question!

Gary said...
Who is that unsavoury character that keeps coming back like a twitch in your eye? A friend of your's, perchance, Kan?

And the DENIAL!
Citrus said:
I have no idea who he is.

Three more such denials, and Saby's made!