Monday, May 09, 2005

Analyse dis guy ... a typical indian male at IT ....

a moma's boy

let's call him Rohan

Rohan is all of 26 and has been playing the field
wid mangys, anglos and goan girls

now his mom wants him to marry and have children
she needs a bahu to help in the kitchen and grandchildren

Beta Rohan u have any gf who u want to marry
No mama, the girls i no are just good time girls

Find me a girl wid a rich father
her looks and attitude dont matter

wat are yr specs?

she shud first and foremost be a virgin
(so she has no bench mark for good sex)

a good cook
modest in dress (will wear only 9 yard sari)

good family back ground
a real sita savitri

and wont say WTF when she catches me in bed wid Julia


Keshi said...

hahaha funny!!

you forgot one more thing...

she should be ok with being tortured by the mother-in-law and yet live with all of them till the last dying day doing paadha namaskar to the husband every!


--pearl-- said...

heheh thats funny...though i will neva marry sucha guy...jeez sari everyday!!!lol
anyways nice one :)

diffy said...

lol comon old man hunnybunny....just like dat i am telling, not to take it otherwise but i think u shud make peace wid the rohan guy and leave all things backside...if ye know wot i wud be more fun dat way...
PS: read abt ye dad on de fruit fly's post i know it brings to life the lepers in ye head...but i also know...dat its made u as special as him!!
Quote from saby's believe it or not:
'arranged marriages in srilanka are illegal'!!

Pithaly said...

Vell, vell, vell!

Let's see how funny this is:

If you are not rich, how do you afford going online?

If neither the girl or the boy know how to cook, what are you going to eat all your life? (By the by, all of you that found this funny, what do you eat? Junk food everyday? PLEASE be honest for once!)

If you are not a virgin, and have been sleeping around, do you ask for an HIV test every time or do you risk it anyway? PLEASE, again be honest! Its VERY difficulyt to be REALLY honest, you liars!:)

A nine yard saree is only one option. The othe ris a salwar kameez. MOST comfortable! I mean, see the pleasyre of being able to sit normally, without having to cross your legs! Jeans in a tropical climate are the MOST stupid thing to wear! Whatare you, panhandling for gold!?:)

Yea! Do not respect your husbands! Neither will your sons and daughters respect you!

WAIT and SEE the FUN in YOUR futures, if you are merely going to follow that which on the face of it seems conventionally hep, but is actually crap!

Yours ever lovingly, and for your maximum good:

I remain,
Love all.

saby said...

the mangy's are beautiful ppl
Citrus, Agony and Janice

the anglos are geniune ppl wid no hang ups on sex

the goans have got stereotyped by bolly wood as loose woomen wid loose morals

so wat Rohan's parents are saying is
if u want to fuck around
find a goan girl

but dont ever ever bring a bahu from either of these 3 communities

Anonymous said...

PS: Saby is a goan guy

now u no why Saby hates Rohan and his type


Stupid SABy said...


Referring Link No referring link
Host Name
IP Address
Country India
Region -
City -
ISP G-47 Stella Morris Complex
Returning Visits 0
Visit Length 12 mins 44 secs
Browser MSIE 6.0
Operating System Windows 98
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Keshi said...

pithaly = rohan



Anonymous said...

heyy saby
dont mind these assholes..
u rock in my eyes still

anonymous lover ,yours and only yours.

Keshi said...

dear pithaly,

u make me cry thinking of ur pathetic theories :)

u said:
>If you are not rich, how do you >afford going online?
since when d u have to be rich to be online? lolllz where d u live - Ethiopia?

>If neither the girl or the boy >know how to cook, what are you >going to eat all your life? (By >the by, all of you that found >this funny, what do you eat? Junk >food everyday? PLEASE be honest >for once!)
yes good if the boy can cook too - the post meant husband and wife both should know how to cook and shar the couldnt even grasp it - obviously you are someone who thinks women belong to the kitchen!

>If you are not a virgin, and have >been sleeping around, do you ask >for an HIV test every time or do >you risk it anyway? PLEASE, again >be honest! Its VERY difficulyt to >be REALLY honest, you liars!:)
Who said a girl who is sleeping around would be prefered? loll you have taken the whole post way too far! Maybe we girls should get the guys to do an HIV test before we marry because in your books its only guys who are allowed to sleep before marriage hai na?

>A nine yard saree is only one >option. The othe ris a salwar >kameez. MOST comfortable! I mean, >see the pleasyre of being able to >sit normally, without having to >cross your legs! Jeans in a >tropical climate are the MOST >stupid thing to wear! Whatare >you, panhandling for gold!?:)
lol have u worn a salwar kameez u seem to be so comfy in it. Jeans or saree its actually the girl's preference...not the guy's preference - thats what the post meant. once again you misunderstood the point!

>Yea! Do not respect your >husbands! Neither will your sons >and daughters respect you!
yeah do not respect your wife neither will your children respect you lol! and who said not to 'respect' your husband? goshhh u r going off the track like hell! mutual respect was the intention!

>WAIT and SEE the FUN in YOUR >futures, if you are merely going >to follow that which on the face >of it seems conventionally hep, >but is actually crap!
hushh now we need to sedate you because you seem so upset by this post - go check if your wife is being bathed by petrol by your mother...

Saby goshh who is this friend of urs mannn - he freaks me out lolll!


Anonymous said...

saby i wuv man, keshi i still tink uz a dirty bitch and rohan u r still rohan da creep but i kinna like u.

saby said...

Any Anony mouse dat likes dis creep Rohan is no friend of mine

and it makes me happy dat dis anony mouse dont like Kesh.
How the fuck can he? !!
birds of a feather fuck together

saby said...

heyyy...heyyy Kesh,
dont put words in my mouth !

pithaly is my langoti dost
we were not too rich
we shared langotis

saby said...

.. some more thrashing for ROHAN

Pithaly said...

One post, one comment. Else it can become a flame war! I keep my silence.

Anonymous said...

S H E E E E E T ! ! !

Pithaly u won the battle
but lost the war


Pithaly said...

Why Kesh (and many of her kind) have been brainwashed:

Kesh is a typical of millions of young women who have been psychologically neutered by "feminism."

Homosexuals refer to heterosexuals as "breeders." Here is a once normal heterosexual woman using exactly the same term: "find a husband and breed."

She expects to be loved for being " bright, sarcastic, creative, intelligent, outspoken, opinionated, and funny."

Wake up girl! A man isn't looking for a "really wonderful and smart, independent woman." She is in love with herself. ("At least I love myself, " this one says.)

People love people who love them. People love people who sacrifice themselves for them. You don't get permanent love for having a witty comeback and a career.


Since when is a wife and mother not a "real person?"

No one is suggesting that a woman should devote her life to just any man. She chooses a man worthy of her, someone with ability and vision. She gives up her "independence" in exchange for his love. This is how she expresses her love, and how two people become one.

He must be loyal and devoted or the deal's off. A lengthy courtship is necessary to choose the right person.

When you love someone, having a baby feels natural. Both mother and father get immense pleasure from raising this new being.

Believe me there is nothing sexier than intelligence in a woman. When she does not compete with him, a man naturally wants his wife to express herself.

I love that my wife is so intelligent and capable. Why wouldn't I? She is my right arm. Naturally I try to nurture and see her thrive. "Independent" women are missing this male nurturing.

Is this girl a slob? Doesn't she clean for herself? Then why is it such an ordeal to do it for her family? Making your home comfortable and inviting is not demeaning. It's uplifting. I'm not saying women can't have careers; just that family is more important.

Only a small minority of careers are truly satisfying. Feminists assume women are too vacuous to live rich and rewarding lives unless they have a job.

Feminism pretends to be about "equal rights." In fact, it is an elite campaign to depopulate and destabilize society by promoting lesbian dysfunction.

Most people get their sense of identity and self worth from family. Women have a short time span in which to start a family. Feminism has poisoned this girl's mind. She will probably join the legions of bitter women who either miss the boat or are divorced with a child.

Feminists think they are creating a better world but they are being hoodwinked. The "Patriarchy" (men) is not responsible for the world's woes; a small clique of bankers is.


Don't be a martyr. You are not sacrificing yourself for a better world. You are ruining your life.

Instead of listening to your "inner feminist," listen to your own soul. If your ideology is making you miserable, it's time to change it. Your soul doesn't lie.

Anonymous said...

if u have a soul
dont see no soul
only a lotta holes ir yr argument, Pithaly

PS: am sure Kesh is gonna thrash u, when she arrives
she might even put u on her knee and whip yr ass

Oddybobo said...

Saby, the party is here.

Keshi said...

Pithaly I didnt even read ur reply - too long lol! boring just like u...thanks for the effort though. As usual u r lost now ur writing a book about marriage - stick to the point of the post man!

good luck to u n any wives that u may have lol!

Anonymous said...

Pithaly i warned u
now u got it


saby said...

Pithaly u ass,
forget austrayaallaya
suggest u click on keshi
and u will enter her home

wid any luck u just mite meet dat snub nosed gitl dat is a PEARL
she loves daddy figures (mature guys)

and we can give ROHIT a run for his money
(not too sure wat i said
am just learning the lingo of dis new gen)

Stud said...


You ever give others a chance to post on your blog?