Tuesday, May 03, 2005

i talk crap .....

i am like dat only

a wooman i chat wid says
i talk crap

dats true
but i love to talk crap

u cant blame me
if yr ears get full of shit

who asked u to listen ? !!


Jay said...


Whos the lucky lady? Hahhaa

Anonymous said...


u dont talk crap ,saby
only few pppl can understand ur sense of humour
others who dont call u names.

anonymous lover of saby, the know it all

Anonymous said...

other who call u names*********

Anonymous said...

others call u names********

fck !!

Keshi said...

it's good to talk crap every now and then...makes u human rather than a pre-programmed machine.

ur cool saby :)


Anonymous said...

if ur a celebrity


got dis from Pitally


--pearl-- said...

aww saby ur not crappy infact ur pretty sweet :) atleast to me
tc have a gr8 day!

angel-A said...

1 crap= crap
1 crap+1 crap= joke
some crap = humour
crap X brain = sarcasm
crap X no brain = shit
too much crap =shit

u talk crap, saby, but watch your self whom you talk to and how much ;)

indiatimespublic said...

Harmless self-promotion.

saby said...

heyyyy Angel,
dat sounds scary

u wont use yr sword on me will u ?
if yr ears got dirty, i m sorry
wont happen again
Mea Culpa

Kitten said...

aww....do you miss me, saby?

Anonymous said...


themadamefiles said...

Saby - a) why did you link that last blog about 'I used to read madame X for the stories...) to this?! Are you saying I talk crap!?!? Boooo HOOOOOO!!! :-(

Just kidding...

You talk jive my dear, big words with alot of fluffing, but behind those words is a wise and sweet man who has more insight as to how the world works than many people.
We fellow bloggers who know you, love you and appreciate you...


saby said...

i hate dat Kitten
she is a real tease

went and nocked on her door
carrying Roses and Candy and puckered lips

and uno wat
got some messages dat said i am not welcome and dat i need to kiss her ass b4 i enter

saby said...

a catch 22 situation
i cant kiss her ass unless i enter

Ashes said...

*shrugs*...Saby is funny but at times he bores me.

Anonymous said...

who the fuck cares wat u tink ASHES?

devile is a regular visitor here


Ashes said...

okies Saby lets get it straight.I don't want you to mention me and de.vile in the same breath,or in the same sentence.

And ain't I getting onto yer nerves?You wanted to get on mine and now you are being pushed,eh?

saby said...

... dont care wat he wants too
aint gonna give him wat he wants