Thursday, January 27, 2005

Diffy says .... She says

PS: Diffy is a kiss-and-tell guy

dis is wat he told his pals……abt his date wid .....…… cant name her .. but uno who Diffy adores ......

He Said, She Said
Two different versions of the same event. Would you believe Diffy further than you could throw him? Would his date lie to protect the truth about a night she’d rather forget? Read what he says, read what she says – in your own mind you will know the truth.

Diffy says :-“The first thing I noticed about her was her eyes, sparkling diamonds set upon a fresh and splendid face."

She says :-“My breasts. I could see that he was attracted by them. Okay, so they are on the large side, perky puppies. But that was all he saw."

Diffy says :-“I knew she was my destiny and moved across to where she and her friends were dancing around their handbags. As she had been shyly eyeing me, the way that women do, I felt that should ask her to dance."

She says :-“His mates dared him to come over. He was embarrassed I guess, drunk too. His voice might have been addressing me but his eye line was asking my cleavage to dance."

He says :-“I took her by the hand to the dance floor and as the band played a seductive melody I gently held her to me and she felt warm in my arms as she relaxed and we floated majestically around the floor."

She says :-“He just grabbed me, pulled me to the dance floor I guess. Despite the fast rhythm of the music he just put both hands round my butt and pulled me in. His breath reeked of alcohol and I felt my boobs were getting crushed."

Diffy says :-“I felt her heart skip a beat."

She says :-“He belched."

Diffy says :-“As we danced I sensed us getting closer, a meeting of like minds."

She says :-“He seemed to quickly work out that I wasn’t wearing any bra of panties."

He says :-“Their comes a time, a defining moment, in every relationship. Her presence made me feel giddy and inevitably we stepped outside to embrace and kiss, mouthes locked, tongues fighting, a loving clinch. She was all over me, obviously wanted me so bad."

She says :-“He was drunk and nearly passed out so I got him outside for some fresh air. Then he tried to get his hand down the front of my dress but he stopped as if shot, turned, and then was sick in a bush."

Diffy says :-“We continued to kiss long and hard, an eager love, a passion so very strong, two lovers who have what they have spent a lifetime looking for."

She says :-“He was sick twice more."

He says :-“No word was needed, eyes talk volumes, senses attuned. We took my sports car, drove the scenic route, parked up and, as she giggled with anticipation, I carried her manfully inside my executive apartment."

She says :-“I felt sorry for him. I could have left him but he would still be there now. I half dragged him to the street and poured him into a passing taxi and got him to stay awake long enough to say where he lived, down town, two blocks from the sewage works. That was the easy part. Finding the right key to his dingy apartment was the next task. Why do men carry so many keys? Once in he just fell flat on his face."

He says :-“Two hearts."

She says :-“One penis!."

Diffy says :-“We kissed with zeal, aroused, excited. We kissed again when we had regained our breath. I slowly, oh so very slowly, took her dress off. My hand reached out, an experienced touch, and with a honed flick her bra was gone, her milky white breasts stood proud and wanting."

She says :-“He finally got to his feet, stumbled in his drunken stuper, reached out and grabbed my dress to stop his fall. Fucking ripped it open, tits everywhere."

He says :-“Her eyes cried ‘take me, take me here and now big boy’."

She says :-“He got his cock out – I had to put my glasses on to be sure, but yes, he did for reasons unknown get his cock out."

He says :-“We made love on the floor. For hours on end our writhing, arching bodies found new heights, new depths, new love."

She says :-“He fell asleep on the floor for a couple of hours. Looked so childlike sucking his thumb the way he did."

Diffy says :-“In each others arms, the dampness of love forever stained deep into the carpet."

She says :-“He wet himself."

Diffy says :-“We slept where we lay, given too much of our bodies to move. When I awoke she had gone but had left a note – it read, ‘I will never forget you’”

She says :-“He was deep in sleep, snoring even, so I got out. Left a note for him – it read, ‘I will never forget this, you bastard."

Two versions of the same night out. A night of passion? Who would you believe? I thought you might!


Keshi said...

hey is going on between u n diffy? now I doubt ur sexuality like big time - U seem to be obsessed with diffy n vice versa...duhhhh!

Write something more sensible and interesting plz..thanks!


diffy said...

lol even...Pamela Anderson experiences whiplash as her b****s fly in 'opposite' directions ....

but for ye saby..i say...between two evils...I wud... always pick the one I never tried before....I wud love to hear again n again wot i played....

As fer keshi...

When every good thing's laid to waste....
By all the jealuosy and hate...
So saby lets not wait....

And prepare to mate....

Keshi said...

diffy...jealosy and hate??? LOL dream on!

All I asked Saby was to write some creative posts instead of yakking abt rubbish!


saby said...

Hey Kesh
creativity suxs !
i dont wanna be bracketted wid dat firacub

diffy and me have taken to PORN

PS: if u dont comment - the guys wont no dat u been reading porn

Keshi said...

ok saby wateva!