Thursday, February 08, 2007

I hate men ...

... especially married men
i hate my self?

Married men got married on a dream of a romance of a life time
But dis dream turned sour very soon

The girl u loved became a mother
and no man wants to be a mudda fucker ...

Dont get me rong
wat i mean is once your girl is married to u

wat was once a beautiful sex experience is now a marital duty
and is taken for granted

no more candle light dinner and candy kisses
now u r on call
like a gigolo

and if u dont perform
u r ridiculed

but in order to perform
u need the ambience

especially when u r 56


Cheesemeister said...

Hmmm--seems like the same kinds of complaints that women have. Could it be that in order for it to work, both parties have to work to keep the romance in the marriage? It really is a two way street!
Fortunately since I'm divorced it's only a one way street. I don't care what my hand thinks!

Anonymous said...

and i hate ... especially one man ... :)

Anonymous said...

saby you are fabulous !!!


saby you are fabulous !!!


saby you are fabulous !!!


saby you are fabulous !!!
... and we appreciate you for who you are.

Give someone else the pat on the back that they deserve... please forward.

lalitha said...

Saby I think women have the same complaint.taken for granted, no candle light dinners and expensive gifts.

Keshi said...

u dun have to hate urself...even tho ur married, why cant u live like an unmarried guy? I mean re-kindle the flame of love with ur wife every now n then?


Dave said...

Hey I dont know, it seems if people are connected on a deeper level it doesnt change that much. You just have to keep the romance. I would be married to my man if it wasn't so hard for gay people to be married. We have been together close to eight years and we work to keep the romance. We are also each others best friend. If one person is making the other feel like a whore, that is something you need to work out. I dont think it should be this way. You would not want your best friend to feel like a whore!