Saturday, February 03, 2007

the future is Awaiting

All u white folks out there
u wont find any more whites on dis planet very soon

the world is mixing as awaiting has already done
u gotta face the fact
every 5th person in dis world is Indian if not chinese

the chinese and indians are mixing too
So there wont be white folks like Karen (anti-immigrant) and Michele (anti-indian)

Michele and Karen may hide from Saby for now
but sooner or later a guy from India is gonna hump u guys and give u brown children like awaiting

Picture a beautiful sea of brown guys
no more white, black or yellow

gott dis idea from Russel Peters

must see

Heyyy Awaiting,

if u give me your mail address, i will courier the CD to u with love along with the costume jewellery dat i bought especially for u


Anonymous said...

This is not a secular post.

Anonymous said...

When I was first becoming politically active and living in Southern California, which was then an exciting if erratic "57 varieties" political stomping ground, I curiously visited the leading right wing bookstore in the area, located in Hollywood behind the insurance office of the man who ran it fervently with his wife. I often wondered how he could make any money in the insurance office due to its neglect in favor of concentrating on the activist bookstore.

There was a sign that always remained, while others, often posters concerning political campaigns that came and went, was one that read:

"If Jefferson and Franklin were living today they would be regular customers of this bookstore."

The right for years has sought to co-opt the Founding Fathers, particularly the great spokesman for liberty who penned America's Bill of Rights, Thomas Jefferson, as one of their own. If a liberal dared to quote Jefferson, a right-winger would smirk and say, "Have you ever read Jefferson? You liberals want big government. Jefferson stood for limited government. He wanted to extend individual liberty, not create a gigantic bureaucracy like you people do."

Thom Hartmann has done an adroit job of puncturing this right wing myth in his thoughtful and energetically researched work, "What Would Jefferson Have Done?" The principle launching point that draws the distinction between what the right has long proclaimed and the reality of Jefferson's beliefs is the period and circumstances under which Jefferson and the Founding Fathers who synergized with him, towering giants such as Benjamin Franklin and James Madison, lived and functioned.

It was Hartmann who authored the thoughtful work "Unequal Protection," and this book segues snugly into the same ideological framework. A major element of concern in the time of Jefferson and Franklin, which remains increasingly prevalent today, is the existence and robust operation of the corporation. In "Unequal Protection" Hartmann traced the road traveled in the post-Civil War nineteenth century to eventually succeed in legally constructing an important governing principle of the corporation as a fictitious person, investing it thereby with gargantuan powers unforeseen by the citizenry at the time of America's creation.

Hartmann reveals that Jefferson sought to expand rights of the average citizen, putting him thereby in the liberal or progressive ideological camp rather than that of the doctrinaire rightists who for so long have insisted that he was one of them. At the time of the country's beginnings Jefferson and other exponents of individual liberty were successful in fighting for limitations of time and scope on corporations, recognizing that they were, if unchecked, gigantic octopus-like instruments that would suffocate democracy.

Thom Hartmann fine-tunes his arguments by jumping back and forth between the America of Jefferson and the one emerging today. It was Jefferson, he notes, who opposed Alexander Hamilton's efforts to create a highly expansive national bank, which he saw as a dangerous instrument of control.

When he campaigned for the presidency the High Federalists who linked themselves to the early economic establishment fought Jefferson tenaciously, referring to him as "an atheist" and denouncing him for his suspected affair with his beautiful young slave Sally Hemings. It has been ultimately revealed through DNA evidence that Jefferson had fathered children by Hemings. Jefferson's bitter opponents sought to destroy him politically through his association with Hemings because they feared his steadfast opposition to their corporate designs.

When Hartmann moves the fight over corporate dominance and correlative diminution of the rights of average citizens he shows how the Alexander Hamiltons of yesteryear have become the Grover Norquists of today. He demonstrates how the fixation is the same, whether dealing with Hamilton's vision of a national bank or the so-called free trade agreements that high-powered lobbyists rush through Congress.

Hartmann's book provides readers with the best of both worlds. He gives us a picture of the battles fought by Jefferson and his allies in early America and reveals how these same issues are being tenaciously fought over today.

"What Would Jefferson Do?" reminds us once more of the validity of the old saying, "The more things change, the more they remain the same." Hartmann believes that with proper vigilance, Americans today can turn back the same challenges Jefferson fought to surmount in the nation's formative early period.

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Anonymous said...

saby please write on what is happenening in India.

Hindutva idealogy?
or appeasement of muslims.

but please need words of wisdom from you!

Blessed said...

I think we are gonna be cream not brown.

awaiting said...

Awwww, this is such a touching post! And I love looking at myself! I am quite a nice looking lady.

Picture me in a sari Saby/Jim whatever you call yourself these days....don't I make you want to cream your underwear!

Thanks for the shout out!

And yes, soon there will be no white, black it should. We are all human, we all bleed and we all have emotion and feeling. One day we may see each other as such. And hey, Sabs, I am a lighter skin color than you, are you from Africa?

awaiting said...

Oh and sir, your links dont work. try posting something that is actually clickable next time.

you are one delusional retard you know that. no one post links to stuff that does not work.

do you have a brain or just oatmeal?

Jim said...

Heyyy Awaiting,

if u give me your mail address, i will courier the CD to u with love along with the costume jewellery dat i bought especially for u

Jim said...


awaiting said...

You did not but it and you know it. Although indian jewelry is the best!

Jim said...


Keshi said...

Pretty racist post Saby!


Cheesemeister said...

Well, as Digital Underground said "black white red tan yellow and brown, it doesn't matter we can all get down, and doowhatchalike."
However, if anyone is fool enough to try and hump me, I don't care what color he is, I'm gonna kick him in the Neidermayers!

Rex Venom said...

Hee hee. So, Saby, will it be YOU that makes all the world smooth and brown? You have your work cut out for you!
Rock on!

awaiting said...

Like I'm really gonna give you my address.

But, like Rex said, you better get started...your work is cut out for you!

Jim said...


i am not cut out for the job
i am an anal-ist

Rex Venom said...

Cute pic! Just think of the fun you could have (and if YOU can't do this important Job, then who, old boy?)
Rock on!

starry nights said...

Saby..whats with this Black, white and brown.

awaiting said...

Rex. he doesn't know how to do this job. His butt would be laying on his back convulsing at the thought.

Saby, please, hold on....the doctor is on his way.