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HIS blog and Her blog

HIS blog and Her blog
Why men sound different from women when they express themselves in their blogs...

LOOK WHO'S BLOGGING There's a world of difference in what men and women write about

Do men and women write the same things when they blog? Or are they, as always, from Mars and Venus, writing chalk and cheese? Given that blogs are just an extension of your personality, it is true that posts made by men end up sounding very different from those written by women.

Most women largely blog about issues that reflect their sensitivity (I know it sounds like they only do meaningful posts, but sensitivity could also sometimes be used as a euphemism for all the gossip-mongering they do) and most men deem it macho and cool to write what they think is insensitive: they spout profanity, give their expert opinion on everything from what you should do to increase the country's gross domestic product to tips for Team India to win the World Cup and even write open letters to everyone from George W. Bush to Vijaya T. Rajendherr, secretly hoping that one day, Mani Ratnam or Steven Spielberg would chance upon their blog and convey their heartfelt gratitude for the criticism.

Also, women's posts mostly revolve around themselves and often explore the fascinating contradictions, ironies and other complexities their lives are seldom associated with.

Men blog on lighter and casual issues that reflect their simplicity. For many women, it's largely cathartic. Which is why, a lot of women are anonymous bloggers. They have a virtual personality largely different from their real selves. For a lot of men, blogging is an exercise in advertising their presence to the female of the species. Their virtual personality is also largely different from their real selves. Some of them do not put up pictures or other damaging information and hence end up anonymous anyway. Of course, there are exceptions: Rogue bloggers with a gender identity disorder who write porn and cyber-parasites who live off content generated by other bloggers in the name of criticism. It is difficult to slot these under typically male or female.Women get sentimental and always generate more comments and readership than men's posts do. The amount of mush women generate in their blogs will make Karan Johar thankful for a lifetime's supply of soppy material for his films. When men try the same, they produce enough corn to generate giggles.

Therefore, men intentionally and otherwise, actually end up sounding funnier than women. The differences are many and non-exhaustive. But due to space and time constraints, we'll just head to our conclusion.

Whether you are man or woman, the question is:
Does your blog reveal the real you? Or does it add a dimension to your personality?

If it doesn't do either of the two, maybe you should continue that train of thought that will help you increase the country's gross domestic product. You just need to stop blogging and find some real work to do.

Source - THE HINDU
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I MISS KAREN and Michele


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southpaw said...

Indeed that was a great moment

Anonymous said...

Don`t worry about anything. Worrying never solved anything. All it does is distort your mind.

More quotes from Milton Garland

Brettman said...

Dude, this article sucks. It re-inforces stereotypes. The only thing that redeems this post is the picture of the hot dude doing the ironing.

Anonymous said...

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slyam said...

Thanks for sharing your experience

yellowdog granny said...

interesting..but totally fucking wrong..

The Lazy Iguana said...

Well I do like to use the word "shit" a lot. And I do know that if more people would just pay attention to what I say there would be fewer problems in the world.

Like this one time I told this chick "putting liquid dish soap on the automatic dishwasher is a bad idea". But did she listen? OH NO! No, she insisted that "just a little bit of soap" would be OK. 5 minutes later the kitchen (AKA woman room) was full of soap suds. I had to clear a path to the fridge to get more beer.

I keep my secret identity a secret for professional reasons. Being in civil service and all it is best to keep opinions and post full of obscenities disconnected from me.

This is the main reason for the flaw in your thinking here. What you say may apply some of the time, or some of it may apply even more often - but more often than not only a few people are going to fit the profile.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to solve world hunger on my blog :)

Jim said...

the dirty pics are stolen from IGUANA above

he fucks reptiles