Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hard Talk


the catlik church had already raised 20 lakhs to build an extension to the existing church when TSUNAMI hit

a few upright christians suggested to abandon the project and to give the funds collected to TSUNAMI relief

it was turned down (for the greater glory of God?)

today money is being blown up in noise and lights and smoke to celebrate diwali

while farmers in the villages commit suicide


God have mercy for they no not wat they do

understanding Hinduism

sir dirtyjoke wrote:

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Anonymous said...

There were 4 friends in Mumbai. They decided to start a business. They had a lot of discussions on the type of business and finally decided to start a hotel. They selected the best of locations and cooks and built the hotel. The hotel was inaugrated and was awaiting its first customer. They waited and waited but nobody turned up. The story was the same the next day. A week passed but nobody turned up.
WHY ? - B'cos there was a sign at the entrance "Visitors not allowed"

After the failure of their hotel they decided to start an auto garage. They bought the best of car servicing equipments and soon started the garage. The 4 of them waited that day for the first car to arrive but no car entered their garage. They waited for one day, 2 days, a week but no car came to their garage.
WHY ? - B'cos their garage was on the first floor.

After this failure they decided to fall back on the good old taxi driving. They bought a new Premier Padmini running on CNG and began to look for passengers. They drew past Churchgate but nobody hailed their taxi. They went to Nariman point yet nobody hailed their taxi. They drove to Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus, even there nobody hailed their taxi. In desperation they kept on driving all around Mumbai but alas no one hailed their taxi.
WHY ? - B'cos all the four were sitting in the taxi.

All the 4 friends were very disgusted with their naseeb and decided to push their taxi into the sea at Marine Lines. They started pushing their taxi. They pushed the whole day and were very exhausted but the taxi did not move even an inch. They decided to rest for the night and start the next day. The next day the story repeated itself. The taxi just wouldnt move. They pushed for a whole week but the taxi wouldnt budge.
WHY ? - B'cos two of them were pushing from front and two from behind.

Anonymous said...

A muslim woman knocked on my door last night,
I never opened the door,
I just talked through the letter box to see how she fucking likes it!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

stop all the celibrations , stop all the sporting event , stop christmas celibration , stop partying , stop rock concerts, stop bollywood movies, stop watching TV because saby thinks by stopping these celibrations poverty can be wiped out , or Is saby wants to say stop celibrating Diwali for we dont know what we are doing , Is that what you meant to say

sunand said...

sorry for pitching in, , hope this is not a cross talk, but, I feel we could reduce the extravaganza and celeberate the festival i8nvolving the needy people, , this friday we celebrated Diwali with children at a home for the disabled children , today evening I am going to celebrate Diwali with children at the Shishu Mandir, a home for tiny tots , who wre there becaues their parents abandoned them, or some other reasons,
I personally feel this is a good way to spread light, and it costs less too , and there is a lot of fun too.


southpaw said...

I m already feeling like a dickade

Anonymous said...

My message is not make noise or create troubles. My message is .....spend money, time so that you enjoy your festivals and in a way help run this system smoothly. If there is a better way to celebrate diwali, let us celebrate it.

The discussion here is not about Diwali creating noise pollution. It was about some few good hearted christians who did well .......against normal people like us bursting fire crackers inspite of some farmers killing themselves.

What I say is, when you are spending money and time buying firecrackers (take the noisy ones out), sweets, cloths etc, not only are you making your life are also helping some people earn their livelihood. They will be proud that they earned it. Too much charity will make people indebted to you. Do you really want you life that way.......I know that it is a very attractive option.

The point of wasting money on crackers is well taken....but mainly because of 'pollution'

Every day of our lives we spend money which is a sort of 'celebration' or which can actually be saved(say on drinking, smoking, partying, lavish marriages, internet...) but can we live without them. Its very difficult.
If you really want to money from all the pleasure giving activities and donate.
Take it from me, its the last thing most of us would do.

Diwali is a festival of lights and celebration. It is the one day we express our joy by bursting crackers and getting together with our family. Diwali is one of the things which unites the family members at least once a year. It signifies purity and cleanliness. It signifies wealth and prosperity. It brings joy and smile to our otherwise sad life.

It is for expression of these emotions that we burst crackers.

Only someone insensitive to the sentiments of this holy occaision or someone who has never enjoyed Diwali(or maybe a loner) will find it difficult to understand the spirit of this great occaision.

And people who preach about pollution should:
1) Stop smoking ciggarretes
2) Get their vehicles regularly checked so as to follow atleast Euro-II norms.
3) Stop using their vehicles immediatly if they violate these norms and get them repaired as fast as possible.

Also, since there is growing consciousness about environment, you will find people reducing use of crackers. Just open your eyes and look around. Most of the grown ups burst little crakcers. Only children are more enthusiatstic.

And as it was rightly said, what will happen to families of employees in fireworks factories if we stop?

saby said...

what will happen to families of employees in ciggarette / beedi factories if we stop smoking?

Anonymous said...

Poverty can be erased only if the poor person himself want to do so. No amount of donated money will ever achieve that. It can act only as a temporay anesthetic but will NEVER root out the evil.

In Zimbabwe, there were many natives working alongside the whites who managed the farms. These natives pretty much knew the ins and outs of farming, even if the marketing and transporting parts of the job were handled by the white farming managers.

When Mugabe enacted his policies of taking away farm from the whites and giving it away to the natives, he destroyed his country, destroyed his farms and his people now starve when they used to be some of the best fed Africans on the continent.

Poverty is a state of perpetual lack of things. Poverty isn't because you don't have money, not having money is just an outward symptom of poverty.

Charity cannot erase poverty.