Monday, May 12, 2008


You gave to me all of my life
To do as I please

I owe everything I have to you Mother,
sweet mother of mine

Mother of mine when I was young
You showed me
The right way things
Should be done
Without your love,
Where would I be?

Mother, sweet mother of mine
Mother, you gave me
Happiness much more
Than words can say

I pray the Lord that He may bless you
Every night and every day

Mother of mine
Now I am grown
And I can walk straight
All on my own
I'd like to give you
What you gave to me

Mother, sweet mother of mine

when u died
I did not cry
coz u did not love my dad

now i know u had your reasons

We all have a mother though may be she is not here anymore,

if you are thankful for your mother, grandmother or that special mother figure in your life,

don't keep it a secret, we want to share it with everyone...

So I invite you, sweet friends, to join our appreciation by posting your own “Homage to your Mother” today.... here, at the House in the Roses.

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Marianne, out for a stroll, gets caught in the rain, slips, and sprains her ankle. The dashing and handsome Mr. Willoughby rescues Marianne, carries her back home, and wins her admiration.

He comes to visit her every day, and Elinor and Mrs. Dashwood begin to suspect that the couple has secretly become engaged. However, Mrs. Dashwood's sentimental nature prevents her from asking Marianne about her relationship with Willoughby.

Marianne is devastated when Willoughby announces that he must go to London on business, not to return for at least a year.


pithaly said...

Arre!! How absolutely wonderful! Aunty's picture!! You know I loved her very much. When I used to come home, she'd call out to you "Pithaly's here!", and then a plate of sarputel and bread would arrive while we listened to "Love to love you, baby!"

Saved it.

krystyna said...

Beautiful photo, beautiful mother and beautiful, sweet baby!!!

We must forgive our parents that they were not perfect.
Parents are not perfect too, but they love their kids, specially mothers. Sometimes they couldn't show her love, but they love.


CIELO said...

Hi friend.... this is so sweet... such a wonderful tribute to a wonderful mother... may our Heavenly Father bless her and bless you, in this Mother's Day.

Have a great day


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Thanks for sharing VEST

My moms only fault was she loved me too much

and my dad too little
i adored my dad
and i disliked me mom for that reason

when my dad died
she shed crocodile tears
and I was angry

when my mom died
i did not cry

but now i know
she had her reasons

Sunday, 11 May 2008 12:24:00 PM EST

Aggie said...
Well done for your patience Vest after what must have been an incredibly hard childhood. I used to work for Barnardos here in N.Z. for many years.
Older folk tend to lose their patience and a few marbles when it comes to long distance travelling, so it is a shame that the visits were not more healing.
My own Mum died very young at age 58 .... and that was 20+ years ago now. I still miss her.
Do you, your bro and sis still stay in touch?
Have a good day with your own dear wife and fam!

Sunday, 11 May 2008 12:25:00 PM EST

Anonymous said...
Moms are human just as u and me
we have to understand our mom

my dad was 15 years older
and my mom was beautiful and young

my dad was very rich
he cud have any girl from Goa

and he talked to my moms parents
and the deal was done

my mom had no choice
the same happened with Benny my mom in law

Sunday, 11 May 2008 12:31:00 PM EST

MARIA said...

God bless your Mother!

Pithaly said...

Pithaly is pleased to announce!!!!!!!!!


WS Goa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More details on da blog!

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

"Pithaly's here!"
That's what your mom named you aye?