Thursday, May 22, 2008

Are you a hippie?
Take this quiz and find out!
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Take the hippie quiz and discover your hippie quotient.
Your hip Q?

How many inches does your hair reach past your shoulders? Are you a male or a female? Male Female- If you're a male: Have you ever gotten flack for having long hair? No Yes- If you're a female: Have you ever gotten flack for wearing no makeup? No YesAre you over the age of 40 and still have not cut your hair? No YesDo you have a brownie recipe that includes ingredients you can not get at the local A&P? No YesIs your dwelling decorated with any of the following: beads hanging from the door, a lava lamp, Fillmore posters? No YesDo you have a bean bag chair in your "groovy pad"? No Yes

Bean bag chairs were very popular furniture among hippies and bean bags are rising in popularity again nowadays, so get yourself some new bean bag furniture or a some comfy foam furniture.- Is the bean bag chair is the only piece of furniture you have? No YesDoes your dwelling have all of the above? No YesIs your home is decorated with homemade art? No YesDo you do pottery? No YesDo you know how to do macramé? No YesDo you know how to do the macarena? No YesWere you at Woodstock? No Yes- Do you think you may have been at Woodstock, but aren't entirely sure? No YesWho is your favorite Beatle? John George Ringo Paul None, the Beatles were over ratedDo you have fire drills to practice getting all your Grateful Dead tapes out of the house? No YesHow many state lines have you crossed on your longest road trip to see a 60s era musical artist or band in concert? Have you ever traveled to another country to see such a band or artist? No YesWere you affected personally by Jerry Garcia's death? No YesDo you know what bag you're in? No YesDo you own an incense burner? No YesDo you own, or have owned a VW bus? No Yes- If so, was the bus painted multiple colors? No YesDo you play the sitar? No YesHave you ever written a song protesting war, bucking the establishment, or containing a reference to illegal drugs? No Yes- Have written songs about all three? No YesWere you actually alive in the 1960s? No YesDo you really, really wish you had been alive in the 1960s? No YesDo you believe that "All You Need is Love"? No Yes- "And a good medical plan"? No YesDoes the word "trip" not make you think of a vacation? No YesDoes the word "man," pepper your conversations? No YesHave you used the word "groovy" or the phrase "Can you dig it?" with a straight face? No Yes- If so, have you ever used both in the same sentence? No YesHave you taken part in a peace march? No YesHave you ever started a petition? No YesHave you ever taken part in a sit-in? No Yes- Have you done all three? No YesHave you ever received junk mail addressed to "dear radical"? No YesDo you think "social action" is a frat party on a saturday night? No YesDo your children have names like Windsong, Freedom or Peace Love Understanding Smith? No YesDo you wish your parents had named you Peace Love Understanding Smith? No YesDo you say "thank you" when someone calls you a hippy? No YesDo you say "Groovy man, like, you think I'm a hippy? Far out, can you dig that?"? No YesDo you wear Birkenstocks/Earth Shoes? No YesDo you make your own sandals? No YesDo you have a bumper sticker reading "save the whales", "think green" or has dancing bears on it? No Yes- If so, are such bumper stickers holding your car together? No YesAre you a vegetarian? No Yes- If so, do you call yourself a "vegetarian" just because you stopped eating Big Macs? No YesDo you smell like patchouli? No YesHave you ever sold any hand-made item in the parking lot of a concert? No YesDo you think money is the root of all evil? No Yes- "And may the devil smite me with it"? No YesDo you think Jim Morrison's poetry is profound? No YesDo you think John Lennon's drawings are art? No YesDo you like Bob Dylan's singing voice? No YesHave you ever heard of Jim Morrison, John Lennon or Bob Dylan? No YesDo you have a necklace with either wooden beads, seeds, a peace or yin yang symbol? No Yes- Do you have all of the above? No Yes- Did you used to have all of the above but you gave them away or traded them for concert tickets? No YesIs your computer screen name or password is related to a 60s musical performer? No YesAre the only cds or records in your collection that were recorded after 1980, recorded by artists who were most famous in the 60s or 70s? No YesHave you ever been to San Francisco? No YesDid you ware flowers in your hair? No YesHave you ever lived in a commune? No Yes- Did you quit the commune because you were tired of being the one to do all the work? No YesDo you own a tie dyed article of clothing? No Yes- Did you dye it yourself? No YesDo you own any clothing items made of hemp? No YesHave you ever practiced Transcendental Meditation, seriously studied Eastern religion, or been a Jesus freak? No Yes- Have you done all of the above? No YesHave you ever had a chemically induced spiritual experience? No YesDid you vote for Ronald Reagan? No YesDid you get this far but forgot to choose an option for each question? No Yes

Quiz Stats
This test has been taken 47,889 times so far.The average score is 54, with 1393 being the highest and -227 being the lowest.2% of test takers scored Anti-Hippie.24% of test takers scored The Establishment.41% of test takers scored Some Hippie.10% of test takers scored Hippie.24% of test takers scored Absolutely Hippie.52% of test takers are Male, while 48% are Female.92% of test takers are under the age of forty, while 8% are over forty.77% of test takers have hair shorter than 6", while 23% have hair that is longer.7% of test takers were at Woodstock in 1969, while 93% were not.54% of test takers prefer John over George at 12% as their favorite Beatle.15% of test takers were alive in the 1960's, while 85% were not.21% of test takers are vegetarians, while 79% are not.11% of test takers have lived in a commune, while 89% have not.11% of test takers voted for Ronald Reagan, while 89% did not.
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Jim Baldwin said...

I scored 126. Guess I'm guilty.

All you had to ask is how many Melanie records or CD I have. You would know I am an old hippie with that one question. LOL

Jim Baldwin
Spokane WA
my hippie website.

Anonymous said...

Amiable fill someone in on and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you for your information.