Saturday, November 11, 2006

BUSH crusade generated HATE

Iraq Al-Qaeda threatens to blow up White House,23599,20738757-1702,00.html

and Margies love

samuru999 said...
Hello andrew
Have a wonderful day!:):)
7:47 AM MST

Don Iannone said...
12:53 PM MST

polona said...
beautiful prayer, margie! love it.
1:31 PM MST

saby said...
Margies prayer
Give me a heart as open as the plains
a mind that reaches high as mountain peaks . . .
a soul that soars above the winds and rains
where only God through radiance speaks!

Give me of kindness, love, a goodly measureof sympathy, that flows like rivers deep . . .devotion, reverence, and your pleasure

let me the precepts of your wisdom keep!
Let me be as crystal snow-flakes falling that blanket earth with dazzling whiteness and pride . . .then guide me when I hear your loving voice calling to span the stretches of the Great Divide!


i had to repeat dis
dis is soo lovely
so like Margie
1:12 AM MST

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