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WoodStock India, Goa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I came upon a child of god
He was walking along the road
When I asked him 'Where are you going?'

This he told me
I'm going down to Yasgur's farm
Think I'll join a rock 'n' roll band

I'll camp out on the land
I'll try and set my soul free
We are stardust
We are golden

And we've got to get ourselves back to the garden
Well then, can I walk beside you?

I have come here to lose the smog
And I feel just like a cog
In something turning

Well, maybe it's the time of year
Or maybe it's the time of man
And I don't know who I am

But life's for learning

We are stardust
We are golden
And we've got to get ourselves back to the garden

By the time I got to Woodstock
They were half a million strong

Everywhere there were songs
And celebration

And I dreamed I saw the bombers
Riding shotgun in the sky
Turning into butterflies
Above our nation

We are stardust

We are golden

And we've got to get ourselves back to the garden...

The first Hippie is said to have been a drop-out Jewish carpenter, named Jesus ("The Nazz") .He rebuked the state approved religious leaders of his time and instructed his disciples to sell what they had, give to the poor and follow him, preaching and teaching the good news of the Kingdom of Heaven. His disciples are a priesthood of believers (male and female) filled with the Holy Ghost (Spirit of Truth). It is not a popular message with the rich and powerful or those that want to be.

“Art of Living has also backed out because Artie doesn’t want to do it for a social cause. It seems like a money-making racket. So we pulled out. We got an email from Artie, who soon after his return to the US from India, showed disinterest in doing it the ‘social cause’ way. He said he was living off his girlfriend’s money and wanted to make some money out of the concert. This beat the whole purpose.We immediately gave up the idea,” says Suryaveer Singh, who had 19% stake in the company Full Circle formed to back the project. The other stake holder and organiser Lalit Bhatnagar, however, rubbishes the rumours saying things are going in the right direction. According to him, the project is still on and Art of Living is very much a part of it. “Sri Sri Ravishankar is in the US and might be even meeting Artie for further discussions. People have quit the project due to personal reasons,” he confirms.As far as the Goa Woodstock goes, it’s all a hoax according to Lalit. There are also groups on Facebook and other sites about the impending concert in Goa, which Lalit says is untrue and that the Bangalore festival is slotted for end of this year. Incidentally, Shillong is also being considered as the venue. The rift has left the people who quit the project with a feeling of betrayal. “We were the ones who put Lalit and Artie in touch with Art of Living,” rues Suryaveer. The festival plans to get some original acts from the original Woodstock including Santana and other acts such as Red Hot Chili Peppers. Read more on this article...

what is GOA ?

What for the hippies flower-power was, is for the techno generation "Goa". A term borrowed from the portuguese colony in India where these parties originally began, and to some extent still continue. Nowadays the parties occur all over the world, with specific centres where they are more or less popular. In north Germany there is a large following, some 20 thousand or so, with the largest of the group around Hamburg. There are also smaller groups across the whole of Germany, the smallest of these in the South. Not many people are required to make party viable - wherever there are enough people to cover the costs of at least one DJ and the hire of sound equipment and venue. The size of parties varies enormously. From very small private/birthday events for 100 to annual "happenings", "gatherings" and "festivals" of up to 10,000. It isn't possible to give figures on the size of attendances - reliable information is simply not obtainable. As a general guide in our party info it can be taken from the number of DJs in the lineup, especially when a larger number of professional DJs are included, that the party is of the larger variety.
Psy-Trance is an absorbing form of repetitive beat music to which certain melodic and accoustic sounds are blended or are performed live in addition. Some of these sounds stem from exotic instruments, such as sittahs, gongs, drums and didgereedoos. Unlike other forms of techno music there is little by way of verbal addition, although some samples are derived from the human mouth. There are no songs or anthems (as with House) or repetitive speech elements (such as with Rap). Trance music is designed to increase and decrease in the higher frequencies in waves which ebb and flow, leading the dancer to repeated ecstatic peaks. To some it is a form of meditation. To some merely a way to work off a bit of winter fat. The dancers are extremely social and gentle with one another. If anyone else is accidentally touched or trodden upon there follow hearty apologies, or sometimes just a gesture, the palms pressed together in a prayer position, the traditional Indian greeting. Many Osho/Bhagwan followers (sanyassins) go to the parties and contribute their particular sexual and philosophical thinking to it. Osho advised certain dances as a form of meditation, as did Gurdgieff with his spiritual and ritualistic dances, drawn from the traditions of the whirling dervishes.
Dancing to trance is a very personal and individual experience. No advice is given or to be expected and experiences vary according to the background and outlook of the individual "trancer" him/herself. No common philosophy appears to exist amongst the dancers - most of the sayings, rituals and thinking at parties seems borrowed rather than adopted. Images of "Shiva" or "Krishna" may often be found in parties but most seem unaware as to what they actually are or what their significance is. These images are simply "used" to lend flavour to the party and not hallowed as something sacred. As is the use of tippees, totem poles, pyramids and runes. They merely provide atmosphere and carry no further meaning. Certain similarities in social approach can be perceived amongst the people and these are the hallmark of trance parties - the gentleness and respect, the chance to dance unmolested (this is especially noted by the women), the smiles and feelings of joy.
I have often been asked to describe the difference between a "rave" and a "trance party". Ravers dance to fast and furious beats until they are completely exhausted. Generally such parties are frequented by the younger set, teenage through early twenties, and are accompanied by a large consumption of chemicals which stimulate fast dancing such as "speed". Trancers, on the other hand, tend to be older on average, although a wide age range is common, from older teens to grandfathers. It's a question of outlook of the person. I know many 50-something trancers who dance as hard and as long as the younger ones, and bring a certain air of mysticism and experience to the party. Raves are generally organised by commercial undertakings and are advertised and reported on in the press and on TV and Radio. Trance parties are generally organised by ordinary people, a small group of DJs and helpers who expect little in remuneration and the parties are rarely advertised or reported upon in the press (some reports exhibit total surprise and call the scene "neo-hippy" or "techno" and attempt to compare it with things such as the Berlin "Love Parade" or even "Woodstock"). The Trance parties are therefore something special and wish to remain underground. They are a grass-roots welling-up of a new format for open air festivals. North Germans are indeed lucky to have so many such parties to choose from during their short but extremely colourful summer.
The elements of an open air trance party in Germany (in no particular order)1. Soundsystem with a surround (4 speaker) effect. Normally enlosed by circle of staves to determine the dance area proper. Sometimes this area is surrounded by a ring of tippees - which is popular.2. Some kind of booth, stage or shack where the DJs can spin without being bumped by dancers.3. A chillout area, offering carpeted areas under makeshift "tent" material (normally using brightly coloured indian/asian printed hangings and not very waterproof) complete with someone offering chai (spiced tea with ginger) and light snacks.4. An adequate carpark where the people can setup tents, barbecues or whatever they need to feel at a kind of home-from-home for the duration of the gathering.5. An assortment of private traders selling everything from imported asian fabrics and clothing, jewelery, records, tapes and CDs and the sort of stuff one finds in a headshop. Sometimes this is called the "hippy market" area, and can spread around a large area.6. A bar/tent (in Germany a lot of beer is drunk at any event, regardless of how spiritual the premises of the party). Sometimes there are alternative drinks available too such as "smart drinks" and guarana mixes from private traders.7. Trance-DJs, of course. Otherwise it wouldn't be a trance party.8. Lots of colour - particularly neon which glows under ultra violet light, of which there is always a lot too! The "deko" (decoration) of parties is often undertaken by struggling artists who paint large pictures on fabric specifically designed to be hung at a series of parties.9. Flyers are distributed in parties, also magazines such as the Mushroom and the KERNEL Goa Infoblatt.10. Of course there is also a lot of dancing too...

About Me
The Hippy Guy
Been a hippy since the sixties! That's right, and I figure that Jesus was a hippy. Long hair, beard, sandals. You know the type. And in the sixties they wouldn't have even let him into church looking that way. View my complete profile

Joan Baez, anti-war lyrics

The Jesus Movement

"Something's happening here and you don't know what it is, do you, Mr. Jones?" - Bob Dylan,

In the late 1960s, strange-looking beings with long, scraggly hair, blue jeans, colorful clothes and beads started showing up on the doorsteps of churches. Most of the churches were like Dylan's Mr. Jones. There was something happening but they didn't know what it was.
It was the "Jesus Movement." God was moving in an unexpected, unusual, and totally groovy way. The hippie counterculture that had brought us LSD, the "Summer of Love," "free love," Woodstock, and Altamont, was turning on to Jesus in large numbers. It was another one of the surprises God springs on His church from time to time!
It all started in 1967, when the "Living Room," the first Christian coffeehouse, was opened in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury by some hippies who had discovered Jesus. The Word of God spread like wildfire among the "street people" who were trying all kinds of spirituality. Soon there were Christian coffeehouses, counseling centers, and communes all over California and the rest of the country, from Sunset Strip to Washington, DC.
Many churches saw that God was doing something and welcomed the "Jesus People." Pastor Chuck Smith was one of the first to welcome long-hairs and ex-dopers to his "little country church" in Orange County. Calvary Chapel became an epicenter of the Jesus movement earthquake. Many other churches, like the Church on the Way, Peninsula Bible Church in San Francisco, and Christ Church of Washington turned on to the Jesus Movement in a big way. Jesus people also spawned the Vineyard and scads of house churches and contributed to the growth of the charismatic renewal movement in mainline churches.
The Jesus people brought their music with them when they came to church. Larry Norman sang, "Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music?" Drums, guitars, amplifiers and backbeats freaked out a lot of people who thought the organ was the only instrument God allowed in a church building. Jesus freaks took their rock'n'roll, rewrote the words, and went on the road to broadcast the gospel to the counterculture. By the early 1970's bands playing Christian music and sharing their testimonies were all over the place. Dudes like Larry Norman, Love Song, Second Chapter of Acts, Phil Keaggy, Randy Stonehill, the Resurrection Band, and countless others were playing coffeehouses, nightclubs, churches, and Jesus festivals.
By the early '70s, the movement had bubbled over and made its mark on pop culture. Dozens of books and magazine articles told the strange tale of how Jesus captured the hippies. Pop music started featuring spiritual themes--Jesus Christ Superstar, Godspell, "Spirit in the Sky", "Put Your Hand in the Hand of the Man from Galilee," "My Sweet Lord" were all hits. Larry Norman sang, "Last year we looked at Jesus from afar; this year He's a superstar" ("Readers Digest").
Jesus People also put their music to work in worshiping God. Guitars started showing up in Catholic "folk masses" in the 60s, and by the 70s they were a staple in Young Life and other youth group meetings. A whole canon of guitar-based worship songs started to come together, led by the Maranatha series. What a trip!
The Jesus Movement opened the way for all sorts of changes in the way we do church today. It spawned a whole "Contemporary Christian Music" genre. In most of today's churches, guitars, drums, big sound systems and worship choruses are in, and not many people even remember how to play an organ or sing in a choir. Worship services are more informal, "seeker-sensitive," and people are showing up at church in shorts and tennis shoes, trends that were all made possible by the Jesus Movement.

Jesus Hippy ?

There is no character more openly despised by the mainstream of American culture than the "dirty hippy". All you have to do is check out one of the many websites directed against them to verify this observation right from your desktop.

Among Christians, the "dirty hippy" is often thought to be the anti-type of the follower of Christ. Lazy, unsuccessful, a slacker, a scoffer, a sinner who does drugs and has sex indiscriminately, someone who listens to the devil's rock and roll music; ask and many evangelical Christians will tell you: the hippy is hell-bound.

Now, when compared to hippies, we Christians have an image in America that is ultra clean cut. The image people have of us is shockingly like the T.V. show the The Simpsons' cartoon parody of the Christian, Ned Flanders. We are thought to be clean cut, gainfully employed, "clean" mouthed, simplemindedly gullible, little house-holders with nice fences and neat lawns. Christians are mostly known as law abiding, tax-paying, clean-living, moralistic, judgmental, suburban and rural people.

We do nothing to dispel these images; if anything, the American Christians are invisible, living comfortably in an increasingly homogeneous suburban culture, conforming ourselves in every respect to a life-style that demands a certain customary behavior pattern. In turn, we rigidly demand everyone's obedience to that same pattern of behavior. The "dirty hippy" just doesn't fit in, and why should he?


Pithaly said...

But let's not lose hope!! Yet!

Jackie pulls the plug on Woodstock
Actor decides to pull out of the Indian Woodstock project and plans a rock show of his own. However as it turns out that Jackie has pulled out of the venture for now. “I’m planning it for next year or so and it will definitely be for a social cause,” he adds.

Pithaly said...

New update: 4th March 2008:

Woodstock 2008 update, 4th March

Pithaly said...

Dig the chick in specs at Santana's performance. Would have loved to be there with Caraf.

Pithaly said...

Fuck, dig the chick at 7:18.

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LG said...

Don't leave such comments on my blog. I got into trouble last time only because my mom reached ur blog thru ur dirty comments on my blog!

Anonymous said...

Thirty-nine years after rock music writer and producer Artie Kornfeld held his legendary Woodstock Music & Art Fair in Bethel, New York, Jackie Shroff is planning a similar concert in Goa next year.

On a rainy weekend in August 1968, 32 internationally renowned musicians got together to hold one of the biggest events of the hippie movement of the time. Over 500,000 "flower children" (as they were known) celebrated the festival of rock in its various alternate avatars such as folk, blues, jazz, latin and rap. Attempts have been made several times since then to recreate Woodstock, but the original concert remains unique and legendary.

Now Bollywood's self-confessed rock aficionado Jackie Shroff is keen on organising a Woodstock in Goa. He is already in talks with Kornfeld, who is called the father of Woodstock, and has invited him to visit Mumbai next week and discuss the music festival details with him. Jackie is keen on holding in it Goa because the tiny state at any time has more foreigners in it than any other city or state in India. He intends to invite musicians from all over the world for his three-day-three-night Woodstock. At the original Woodstock in 1969, Pandit Ravi Shankar was the only Indian musician to have performed, however Jackie is confident many Indian performers will participate at his festival in Goa next year.
The legendary band Santana (with lead signer Carlos Santana in attendance) has already confirmed its participation. Sources claim that seven of the original NY Woodstock bands are also likely to participate. The 1969 concert was described by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the top moments "that changed the history of rock and roll". The festival itself stood for music and peace. Jackie Shroff has not as yet defined what his concert will stand for.

nimisha.tiwari@timesgroup .com

Anonymous said...

Flower child or Flower Children originated as a synonym for hippie, especially those who gathered in San Francisco and environs during the summer of 1967, which was called the Summer of Love.

It was the custom of "Flower Children" to wear flowers to symbolize peace and love. During the earliest years of its use, the term was most commonly used in the plural, only rarely in the singular

Anonymous said...

The counterculture of the 1960s refers to a period between 1960 and 1973[1] that began in the United States as a reaction against the conservative government, social norms of the 1950s, the political conservatism (and perceived social repression) of the Cold War period, and the US government's extensive military intervention in Vietnam.[2][3]

As the 1960s progressed, widespread tensions developed in American society that tended to flow along generational lines regarding the war in Vietnam, race relations, sexual mores, women's rights, traditional modes of authority, experimentation with psychedelic drugs and a predominantly materialist interpretation of the American Dream. New cultural forms emerged, including the pop music of English band the Beatles, which rapidly evolved to shape and reflect the youth culture's emphasis on change and experimentation.

Social anthropologist Jentri Anders has observed that a number of freedoms were endorsed within a countercultural community which she lived in and studied: "freedom to explore one’s potential, freedom to create one’s Self, freedom of personal expression, freedom from scheduling, freedom from rigidly defined roles and hierarchical statuses…" Additionally, Anders believed these people wished to modify children's education so that it didn't discourage "aesthetic sense, love of nature, passion for music, desire for reflection, or strongly marked independence…"

Anonymous said...

Every time Richie Havens tried to quit playing, he had to keep on. The other acts hadn't arrived.

Finally, after Havens had played for nearly three hours - improvising his last song "Freedom" - a large U.S. Army helicopter landed with musical reinforcements.

An Army helicopter? "Yes," said Havens. "It was the only helicopter available.

If it wasn't for the U.S. Army, Woodstock might not have happened." The U.S. Army saved the day for a crowd that was, for the most part, anti-war?

"We were never anti-soldier," said Havens. "We were just against the war."

Anonymous said...

A short, violent thunderstorm struck around 5pm, triggering an early exodus from the grounds. Leo O'Mara noticed a guy with a red beard, wearing a vast muddy poncho and a huge smile.

O'Mara sat in the mud and wondered why this guy was so thrilled in such miserable weather.

"Then I noticed that there were three other sets of legs under that poncho," O'Mara said.

Anonymous said...

While other stars flitted in and out of the show aboard helicopters, headliner Hendrix was roaming the crowd on foot.

O'Mara remembered Hendrix stopping to talk with many of the girls. Others remember the star's turn in the Freak-Out Tent that day. "We didn't know who he was," Nurse Sanderson said. "Just a black man lying on the stretcher.

Then everybody started saying, ‘Hey, isn't that Jimi Hendrix?' There was a big stir about it.

" Hendrix lay on the stretcher for about 30 minutes before roadies hauled him out.

Anonymous said...

For years, no one celebrated Woodstock's anniversary, and Augusts came and went without notice. People who wanted to stop by Yasgur's farm and reminisce weren't always sure they were at the right place.

In the late ‘70s, a ragtag bunch started celebrating every August with a three-day party.

Around 1978, a welder named Wayne Saward came out for the party. "And it was, like, super-quiet," he recalled. "There'd be 30 people there, at most. And that was in the middle of the night.

Then in 1984, Saward started, pretty much alone, to build the world's only monument to the event.

It's a 5 1/2 ton marker made of cast iron and concrete; landowner Louis Nicky paid $650 for concrete and casting the iron.

Once the marker went up, the site became a kind of counterculture shrine. Visitors started showing up randomly, staying for a few minutes, then leaving.

The magic that is Woodstock's in the air!

Anonymous said...

Vietnam: The music of protest
By Steve Schifferes
BBC News

The Vietnam war spurred a protest movement that spread among the student movement in the 1960s. And songs were an important part of that protest.
In the early 1960s, the folk-song movement was already well-established with artists like Joan Baez and Bob Dylan reaching a relatively small but devoted audience.

Folk singers like Joan Baez led early anti-war protests
Many folk singers were closely connected with the civil rights movement which was reaching its climax with mass demonstrations against segregation in Southern cities like Selma and Birmingham.

Songs like "The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll" by Bob Dylan and "Birmingham Sunday" by Joan Baez emphasised the losses in the civil rights struggle.

And the most famous song of this era - Bob Dylan's Blowin' in the Wind - had as its last verse "how many years can a people exist before they're allowed to be free."

Dylan's anti-war songs, such as Masters of War, were more general than specific about Vietnam.


By 1965, as the US began to escalate its military presence in Vietnam, the folk protest movement began to shift its focus, with singers like Joan Baez joining in the protest. And within a few years the protest movement was gathering steam on US campuses, with the March on Washington (in conscious imitation of the 1963 civil rights march) and the Pentagon in 1967.

Folk-singers and rock stars appeared at anti-war rallies.

Come on mothers throughout the land,
Pack your boys off to Vietnam.
Come on fathers, don't hesitate,
Send your sons off before it's too late.
You can be the first one on your block
To have your boy come home in a box.
Country Joe and the Fish

But as the war escalated, the song that probably captured the intensity of feeling by young people who faced the possibility of serving in Vietnam through the Selective Service draft was I Feel Like I'm Fixing to Die Rag, written by Country Joe MacDonald a few years after he was discharged from the Navy.

Its bitter lyrics "you can be the first one on your block to have your boy come home in a box" were played again and again at rallies and demonstrations.


As the draft began to reach into the student population - by 1968 there were half a million US troops in Vietnam - the level of campus protests rose dramatically.

At the same time, the nature of the protest song also changed.

Student protest swept elite university campuses
This was the era of the youth counter-culture, flower power, and the Woodstock music festival. Rock music replaced folk music as the centre of protest culture, and cultural protest merged with political demonstrations.

Groups like the San Francisco-based Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead were closely associated with the protest movement as they moved into drug-influenced acid rock.

American flags were destroyed on the platform at Woodstock, and Jimi Hendrix played a strange version of the American national anthem.

And the protests got even stronger after four students were shot and killed during an anti-war demonstration at Kent State, Ohio, in 1970.

The group Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young wrote the song Ohio with the lyrics:

Tin Soldiers And Nixon's Bombing
We're Finally On Our Own
This Summer I Hear The Drumming
Four Dead In Ohio

But under President Nixon's policy of Vietnamisation, US soldiers were rapidly being withdrawn from combat while high-level bombing continued even as peace negotiations began - and campus protests began to ease.

One of Joan Baez's last Vietnam protest songs was about the bombing on Hanoi in 1972.

Culture wars

But the counter-culture had began to move on - to the era of heavy metal and the moment in the late 1960s when mainstream culture had embraced the protest movement had passed.

But the convergence of culture and protest left a heavy legacy which still lives on.

It stamped an indelible mark of rebellion on the rock music scene and was the origin of the culture wars which still dominate American politics today.

Not everyone was a protester, and those who weren't - and the cultural strands which did not embrace protest, such as country music - deeply resented its dominance.

A conservative counter-movement began - expressed politically in the "hard-hat" working class opposition to Vietnam war middle-class student protesters.

This still has great resonance in the structure of politics today.

MARIA said...

You have many sites. Which blog you prefer to visit?
Blessings to you!

Pithaly said...

The murder of an innocent song

Kristen Bjorg said...

You talk about cheating, and how much ,there is of it is, going on out there, now.
My question is this:Who are all these women cheating with husbands and boy-friends of other women?

And why would any woman want to hurt another woman,by cheating with her man? And,also there could be other victims ,because of her actions.She could be hurting children so badly, they would never be the same.

Women,concentrate,think before you decide to hurt other woman and children and maybe even destroy their lives.
"Before you kiss him don't dismiss

I know I am accountable for all my actions when I stand before The LORD.I do not want to have to tell The LORD that I destroyed the lives of women and children and that I tore apart families because,I thought some guys were hot.

Anonymous said...

4) Woodstock 08, Goa � Sometime mid-08: This one might turn out to be ludicrous fantasy of an insane music lover, but lord, I hope it‘s true.

Mid-2007 saw a flurry of news releases on the Indian music scene reporting that Artie Kornfeld, the man behind 1969‘s legendary Woodstock Festival was in India scouting for partners in setting up the next edition of the festival right here in India.

And apparently, the man he found to partner him on the mission was no less than the Indian Jack Sparrow, Jackie Shroff.

While since that point, there‘s been no sort of heads up on this one actually coming through, considering the fact that the likes of Santana and others had supposedly shown interest in coming down for this one, let‘s just keep hoping against hope that Woodstock 08 really does come to India�

Anonymous said...

Christians tell us they use the question “What would Jesus do?” so they can always act in a way they feel is morally right. It’s all just a bunch of hypocritical brainwashing propaganda if you ask me. If you are a moral person and can think for yourself, when you’re put in a situation that you must decide between good and evil, do the thoughts of a deceased mythical character with radical beliefs for his time that got him killed really matter? If so, why not “What would David Koresh do?”or “What would an unbathed naked Woodstock hippy that was gunned down at a Vietnam protest rally do?” The bottom line is you don’t need a silly slogan to figure out if shooting someone in the head, stabbing them in the back or causing harm to them in any way is right or wrong. Now, Ryen McPherson (“Bumfights Volume 1: Cause for Concern”) on the other hand raises the question “Who would Jesus do?” To me this is a question worth pondering. Lucky for us, he explores this question in his short film “King of The Jews.”

Think about it, not just who would Jesus do, but what was he into? You know a guy that could walk on water, turn H2O into wine and resurrect himself from the grave had to be into some pretty kinky stuff. And I’m not talking bondage or bestiality, but the guy was born from a virgin vagina and he died for our sins, so he’s all about breaking new ground. No played out fetishes for this cat.

Well, it turns out Jesus is a fan of Las Vegas. I bet most didn’t know that. They probably thought he keeps his distance from Sin City. Whether he is a gambler I’m not sure, but it seems he likes to check himself into The Palms. Of course! It’s the cool hip casino owned by one of the Maloof brothers, frequented by Britney Spears and home to “the world’s most dangerous film festival.” To keep a low profile so his name doesn’t set off any alarms with the media and military being notified, J.C. uses the alias Jew Hefner.

McPherson’s story opens with Jesus alone in his hotel room. Jesus keeps a collection of call girl phone numbers in his briefcase. You know the “stripper to your room” trading-card-like handouts you get on the Strip from people who speak absolutely no English that are probably being paid way under fair wages because they’re probably illegal immigrants? Alright, well, Jesus actually has a huge collection of these. In fact, it appears he has a set for each and every city he travels to. Jesus picks a card and calls for a girl to be sent up.

Jew Hefner

We watch as the pimp of pimps and the player of players gets his groove on with a blonde by the name of Gloria Hole. Yes, this is essentially a pornographic film involving Jesus Christ. But there is absolutely no nudity, no penetration and no money shot. That’s because Jesus loves dry humping. And since he is Jesus Christ, not only does he get off, but he seems to fulfill Gloria as well.

The results are of course pretty damn funny. To me, McPherson has created a brilliant little film that is both a punch in the gut to religion and a slap in the face to the adult industry as well as every Hollywood sex scene that has ever been filmed. It’s like “Lost in Translation” meets “Behind the Green Door.” Although this is a dry-hump porno, it’s something a couple can enjoy together and at the same time I’m sure a number of single guys might use it to get their jerk on. It starts off with Gloria not understanding or enjoying the whole scenario. She thinks Jesus is crazy. He’s outside her normal scope of clients. He doesn’t want her to get naked, he doesn’t want oral or anal or whatever the hell it is you freaks special order to your hotel rooms when you are in town on business trips away from the family. So when Jesus first starts working it, he’s practically raping the poor girl, but soon they are doing any and every imaginable position. Gloria loves every minute of it as she moans and screams with the best of them. She even quickly falls asleep beside Jesus when they are done.

Gloria Hole

You know why Jesus loves him some dry humping? One, who knows what he would catch if he actually had intercourse with a prostitute. He ain’t no dummy. He’s our lord and savior. He invented AIDS. Two, obviously that’s how he was born. It’s in the blood. How else was there an immaculate conception? They didn’t ask Mary if she had dry humped anyone. They asked her if she had sex and she said “no” because she hadn’t. Who knows, maybe Gloria is pregnant with Jesus Jr.

The religious stuff aside, what I found the most amusing about this film was the whole “sex scene with clothes on” element. For the morons out there that think porn is real, maybe “King of the Jews” will teach them a thing or two. Gloria seems to be really enjoying herself as much as Jenna Jameson in any film she’s done. That’s because they are both acting. So can we expect more things like this from one of the original creators of the highly controversial “Bumfights?”

“Certainly not,” McPherson said. “This was a project I wanted to have fun with. There wasn’t much challenge and the thing I hated most was how it was shot very much like a film. Dialogue, controlled lighting, close up, master shot, etc. All that shit makes me soft. I doubt I’ll ever do something as scripted as ‘King of the Jews’ again. Unless I can get a handful of retarded kids to act out ‘Grease’ the musical for me.”

That’s actually a shame because I’d like to see more of the sexual exploits of Jesus. Shot in a few hours on a budget of $250, “King of the Jews” feels more like a small scene from a way bigger piece. I highly enjoyed it, but I simply want more. I don’t think dry humping has really ever been explored and Jesus is far too taboo for the adult industry to touch.

- CCF, July 2006

Anonymous said...

For the first time in India, the legendary rock concert will be recreated in Goa with international bands in attendance.

Thirty-nine years after rock music writer and producer Artie Kornfeld held his legendary Woodstock Music & Art Fair in Bethel , New York, Jackie Shroff is planning a similar concert in Goa next year.

On a rainy weekend in August 1968, 32 internationally renowned musicians got together to hold one of the biggest events of the hippie movement of the time.

Over 500,000 “flower children” (as they were known) celebrated the festival of rock in its various alternate avatars such as folk, blues, jazz, latin and rap.

Attempts have been made several times since then to recreate Woodstock, but the original concert remains unique and legendary. Now Bollywood’s self-confessed rock aficionado Jackie Shroff is keen on organising a Woodstock in Goa.

He is already in talks with Kornfeld, who is called the father of Woodstock, and has invited him to visit Mumbai next week and discuss the music festival details with him. Jackie is keen on holding in it Goa because the tiny state at any time has more foreigners in it than any other city or state in India. He intends to invite musicians from all over the world for his three-day-three-night Woodstock.

At the original Woodstock in 1969, Pandit Ravi Shankar was the only Indian musician to have performed, however Jackie is confident many Indian performers will participate at his festival in Goa next year. The legendary band Santana (with lead signer Carlos Santana in attendance) has already confirmed its participation. Sources claim that seven of the original NY Woodstock bands are also likely to participate.

The 1969 concert was described by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the top moments “that changed the history of rock and roll”. The festival itself stood for music and peace. Jackie Shroff has not as yet defined what his concert will stand for.

Anonymous said...

Among Christians the "counterculture" movement of the 1960's and 70's is widely regarded as actually "anti-Christian" (as in antichrist). Everything it stands for is believed to be ungodly and sinful. People sneeringly deride the "radicalism" and "communism" of the hippy days, and they view the "counterculture" as nothing more than rebellion against God (as if being "counter-culture" was the same thing as being "counter-god"). The term "Dirty Hippy" is able to capture with one simple phrase everything despised in American political and social life: "liberalism", "irresponsibility", "anti-Americanism", "moral lassitude", "socialism", "criminal", "junkie", you name it. If it's bad, it's been said about the "dirty hippy".

But people who know the gospel well should find this ironic in the supreme. So-called followers of Christ sneering at hippies! The fact is, if Jesus was to be judged impartially by the standards of the suburbanized Christians of today's America, He would seem to be a Dirty Hippy!

That's right. If it walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck, it is a duck. By their fruits you shall know them. Jesus would look like a hippy to most of us. And what you say about a duck you say about a duck.

Jesus' unadulterated gospel has about as much respect as one would expect a Dirty Hippy to get these days, including, if not especially, among Christians. As Jesus himself remarked: "prophets are not without honor except in their own country and in their own house " (Matthew 13:57 cf . Mark 6:4, Luke 4:24).Here at Dirty Hippy's Liberal Christian Home Journal, we can see clearly that the way of Christ is the way of a dirty hippy.

Jesus Christ was a Dirty Hippy
A Short Commentary on Jesus' Life and Teachings

Live For Today, Be Here Now
Why do Christians despise the hippies? Is it because of their carefree attitudes? Their lack of concern for such practicalities as job, proper attire, "responsibility"? Is it their silly "be here now" spirituality? The "love the one you're with" attitude? Some would say yes.
But consider the teachings of Jesus:

Therefore, I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing? Look at the birds of the air, they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. -- Matthew 6:25-26

Jesus taught his disciples by the example of his life. His faith consisted of depending totally on God to provide all needs, food and shelter for the body, grace for the soul. He got by with a little help from his friends. He went into the wilderness, followed by thousands of people, and took no food with him, yet no one went hungry (Matthew 14:13-21; Mark 6:30-44; Luke 9:10-17; John 6:1-14). When he was hungry, he looked to what was at hand (Mark 2:23), and he didn't worry about social conventions in eating it, like not preparing food on the Sabbath (Mark 2:24) or washing up before eating (Matthew 15:1-2). He would dine with people thought to be sinners, taking no worry about his reputation or resume (Mark 2:15-17). He went where he felt called, when he felt called. He wasn't tied down by daily concerns.

Therefore do not worry, saying, 'What will we eat?' or 'What will we wear?' For it is the nations who strive for all these things. But strive first for the kingdom of God and its righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore don't worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry for itself; sufficient to the day is the trouble thereof. -- Matthew 6:31-34

When Jesus sat down on the mountain to teach and explain his faith, he taught against the crushing anxiety that gives people cause to compete with one another for the resources of the earth. He taught against the fear for our lives that makes us hate one another. He taught against the striving and the ambition which prevent us from seeing what is truly present here among us already. He taught us to forget about tomorrow, to let today's trouble's alone concern us. The same applies to the moment you live in, every moment. He teaches us to be concerned about our lives NOW, about our relationships NOW. That is the true meaning of his teachings about the kingdom of God and it's righteousness. When we seek it, we find that it is close at hand indeed.

Once Jesus was asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God was coming and he answered, The Kingdom of God is not coming things that can be observed; nor will they say, 'Look, here it is!' or 'There it is!' For, in fact, the kingdom of God is among you. -- Luke 17:20-21

Contrary to popular belief, the phrase "kingdom of God" does not refer to the next world. It refers to this world. The kingdom of heaven is not heaven, the abode of God -- it is found wherever God rules. Do not we Christians pray, and live in the hope that "thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven"? The idea is that the kingdom comes about here. And we seek it daily like bread. The kingdom of God, also called the kingdom of heaven, is to be found wherever God reigns among humans here on earth.

The kingdom cannot be stopped by hatred; it is the very condition of repaying hatred with love. The kingdom of God exists, for instance, in Jesus' hanging on the cross, as he prayed for God to forgive the sins of his tormentors. And it meets violence and evil with love and does not resist. The kingdom of God, with its tender, other-worldly ethics, is always challenged by this world. As Jesus said: "From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence, and the violent take it by force" (Matthew 11:12).

Whoever recognizes that the kingdom of God on earth is already present among the meek, among the gentle, among the peacemakers, among those who have no anxieties about clothing, food, money, or the troubles of tomorrow, among those who care for all as brothers and sisters, that one will realize that the "counter-culture" was and is on to something fundamentally godly. The "be here now" hippy knows is that the kingdom of heaven is precisely in all those in-between moments, when the rest of the world is still waiting, looking for something that can be observed.

Dirty, Unclean, Unwashed, Defiled, Offensive

Then the disciples of John came to him, saying: "why do we and the Pharisees fast, but your disciples do not fast?" -- Matthew 9:14

Anonymous said...

Jesus and His followers freely drank wine at celebrations like the wedding of Cana, passover, and in other appropriate places of celebration. He and His disciples had a reputation for not following the ritual calender of fasting and abstaining from food and drink which was practiced by other religious orders like the Pharisees and John's Baptists, see: (Mark 2:18-20), (Matthew 9:14-17), and (Luke 5:33-39), as well as other passages. This fact disturbed many people in their time.

We need to acknowledge that not all USE is ABUSE. We need to acknowledge the role of eating and drinking, in a celebratory manner, in the ministry of Jesus. We need to see that, while abuse is always a concern, there is nothing inherently evil in the sharing of fellowship, the enjoyment of food in community, the sharing of intoxicants among friends. Christians traditionally have hated the "hippy lifestyle", the care-free, celebratory, "partying" that they engage in, without cause or reason. It is just another example of how being caught up in worldly ideas of propriety close us off to joy and bring about our participation in tyranny, oppression, and the evil of authoritarianism.

There may in fact be a time and a place for moderate, celebratory consumption of food and drink and even so-called "drugs". We should be careful to condemn those who feel the need to USE these things, and not assume, with the crowd, that the appearance of eating and drinking makes someone a "glutton and a drunkard" worthy of death. Jesus taught us that, if we fast, if we abstain, we do so for the sake of our own souls, and he wanted us to be sure we did not do so simply for the reputation of being "holy". Do not let your fasting be seen by others. If we have a wisdom about the importance of abstinence for our spiritual lives, we should share it modestly, temperately, and lovingly, without making it a hard and fast "doctrine" by which we condemn others, or sentence them to jail terms, or God forbid, to death.

MARIA said...

Hi Jim,
thank you for your nice visit. Your new language is funny and sweet. As my English.(?)
Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

Where as I agree with you 100% that Jesus wasn't reading RQ (Roman Quarterly) for his fashion advice and would have been overtly Jewish in his looks...

Yet he was NOT a nazirite as you suggest.

Nerdy Bible geek that I am, I had to correct the idea that there is any connection between taking a Nazirite vow and living in Nazareth and being a Nazarene.

The Nazirite vow originated in the Law of Moses about 1550 years before Jesus was born (See Numbers Chapter 6).

Nazirite is pronounced “Nawzeer” in Hebrew and means “to be separate.” People would take the nazirite vow for a period of time to be set apart as holy for some holy purpose. During the vow you could not eat or drink grapes or wine, you could not cut your hair and you could not touch anything or anyone dead.

Most people would take the vow for a period of time. There were a few, however, who were nazirites for life from birth… such as Samson or John the Baptist.

How do we know Jesus was not a Nazirite? He drank wine and was constantly touching dead people and bringing them back to life. That would disqualify him from being a nazirite.

So we have no reason to think Jesus had long hair, though he may have. We don’t know what Jesus hair was like and anyone’s guess is as good as another’s.

We picture Jesus today as a white guy with long hair because the modern image of Jesus is based on 12 century European artist’s conceptions. He was made to look like 12 century Europeans who were white dudes with shoulder length brown or blond hair. All pictures of Jesus since have imitated this motif.

However, it would be much more reasonable to picture Jesus with black perhaps even curly hair and a very Middle Eastern Jewish face. Jesus was NOT white. And his beard was not trimmed in anyway as the law of Moses forbid that.

Now Jesus was called a Nazarene because he grew up in Nazareth. That was from the Greek "nad-zar-eth" which was the name for a small village in Galilee. It means “the branch.” The Greek word for Nazareth and the Hebrew word for Nazirite have NOTHING to do with each other.

Now I can see how they sound alike and may lead someone to think there is a connection, but there isn’t.

You were right in your main point though, Jesus probably didn’t look roman. But probably didn’t look anything like a 12th century European like we all have seen depicted in every movie ever made about him.

Jesus was certainly not a conformist to man made traditions but I don’t see him riding into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday as some long haired hippy in a tie-dye robe with a dead head sticker on his donkey’s bumper either.

Grace and Peace!

Anonymous said...

26, 2000
Ushnishavijaya Empowerment by Khenpo Karthar at KTD

I arrived, disoriented and stiff after the usual 6-hour trip [it can take only 5 hours] but was quickly restored by the good coffee and delicious cheese-apricot pinwheels at Bread Alone at 22 Mill Hill in the village of Woodstock across from the Village Green, just before the turn-off to go up the mountain.

To un-stiffen and collect myself a bit before proceeding to the 'ashram', I checked out the Mower's Saturday flea Market (Maple Lane) under the baking bright sun. There was lots of stuff there conducive to thoughts of impermanence and the transitory nature of existence.

In memory I was transported to Goa, India and the Anjuna market of a good 20 or so years ago. That's probably because there were even some familiar faces -- there was certainly some of the same stuff on the tables, and decorating the bodies of the people behind them.

Each time I make it up to the area, I am reminded of the summer of 1969 and the great gathering in Bethel, New York at Max Yasgur's farm. Click here if you want to read about the Woodstock dream, what happened afterwards, or the about the August Magic Meadow reunions. [The Meadow is on Meads Mountain Road, past Karma Triyana and downhill across from it.]

Did you know that one of the reservoirs west of the Hudson River that serves the City [New York] is called the Ashokan reservoir ?! King Ashoka (304-232 BCE) was the great Maurya dynasty ruler of India who, after his conversion to Buddhism, posted lion pillar edicts around his realm to promote peace and harmony. The town of West Hurley, now right near Woodstock, had to be moved to its present location when the reservoir flooded its original site.

The Town of Woodstock is in Ulster County, NY.

The Catskills area is well-known for hiking and camping. The price of real estate in the eastern Catskills area is astonishing; you can still get a "small cabin with great view on 5 acres for $180,000 U.S." On the other hand, luxurious new constructions pay annual taxes of over $10, 000 despite the fact that if you have a long driveway, in the winter you might find yourself having to snowshoe in and out since the Town does not plow private roads.

I arrived to find the parking lot full, but while I was contemplating a sweaty walk up from the secondary lot not far from the Meadow, someone pulled out just as the afternoon's teaching was about to begin. I took it as an auspicious beginning.

After checking in with Sharon Lang, who is now woman-ing the office, I managed to see Maureen, devoted chef and skillful meal coordinator, at her post in the KTD kitchen. It is reassuring that she is still there despite the changes that, of necessity, are taking place.

There is no visible sign yet of the prospective addition intended primarily as a residence for monastics that is to face the Temple site. Though 3 million dollars was donated, there remains more than another 3 to go. I did notice, though, that the special quarters above the shrine room are undergoing some improvements.

The little white and grey cat was at her post, and greeted me politely when I went to the bench at the front gate. There I saw Julie, who is currently working at television production, and Peter, who recently received a whole lot of new stock for Namse Bangdzo, the KTD store.

Everyone appeared to me to look as if they had been working very hard - as they do particularly from the time of the 10-day teaching through the end of summer. There has also been the added responsibility of introducing new interns and staff to the way things are done, and the excitement of events surrounding His Holiness' emergence from Tibet that seems to have contributed a sense of urgency.

Stalking the Wild . . .

Anonymous said...

Hippie: Encyclopedia II - Hippie - Origins

Hippie - Origins
In the 1940s and 1950s the term hipster came into usage by the American Beat generation to describe jazz and swing music performers, and evolved to also describe the bohemian-like counterculture that formed around the art of the time.

The 1960s hippie culture evolved from the beat culture, and was greatly influenced by changing music style and the creation of rock & roll from jazz.

The first use of the word hippie on television was on WNBC TV Channel 4 in New York City at the opening of the New York World's Fair in 1964. Some young Anti-Vietnam War protesters, wearing t-shirts, denim jeans and with long hair like The Beatles, were called hippies by NYPD and reporters. The police swung their batons at them to chase them off the escalators and they fought back.

On the east coast of the U.S., in Greenwich Village, young counterculture advocates were called, and referred to themselves as hips. At that time, to be hip meant to be "in the know". Young disaffected youth from the suburbs of New York City flocked to the Village in their oldest clothes, to fit into the counterculture movement, the coffee houses, etc. Radio station WBAI was the first media outlet to use the term hippie to describe the poorly-dressed middle class youths as a pejorative term originally meaning "hip wannabes".

September 6, 1965, marked the first San Francisco newspaper story, by Michael Fellon, that used the word "hippie" to refer to younger bohemians. The name did not catch on in mass media until almost two years later.

Hippie action in the San Francisco area, particularly the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, centered around the Diggers, a guerrilla street theater group that combined spontaneous street theater, anarchistic action, and art happenings in their agenda of creating a "free city". The San Francisco Diggers grew from two radical traditions thriving in the area in the mid-1960s: the bohemian/underground art/theater scene, and the new left/civil rights/peace movement.

Los Angeles also had a vibrant hippie scene in the mid-'60s, arising from a combination of the L.A. beat scene centered around Venice and its coffeehouses, which spawned the Doors, and the Sunset Strip, the quintessential L.A. hippie gathering area, with its seminal rock clubs, such as the Whisky-a-Go-Go, and the Troubadour just down the hill. The Strip was also the location of the actual protest referred to in the Buffalo Springfield's early hippie anthem of 1966, For What It's Worth.

Summer 1967 in Haight-Ashbury became known as the "Summer of Love" as young people gathered (75,000 by police estimates) and shared the new culture of music, drugs, and rebellion. The outdoor Human Be-In concert started the Summer of Love. However, the Diggers felt co-opted by media attention and interpretation, and at the end of the summer held a Death of Hippie parade.

The hippie movement reached its height in the late 1960s, as evidenced by the July 7, 1967 issue of TIME magazine, which had for its cover story: The Hippies: The Philosophy of a Subculture.

Because many hippies wore flowers in their hair and distributed flowers to passersby, they earned the alternative name, "flower children".

Other related archives
1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1965, 1967, 1968, 1968 Democratic Convention, 1969, 1970, 1970s, 2005, 21st century, Abbie Hoffman, Allen Ginsberg, Ann Nocenti, Art Cars, August 15, Baba Ram Dass, Beat Generation, Beat generation, Beatles, Beatnik, Bob Dylan, Bodhisattva, Broadway, Burning Man, Chet Helms, Chevrolet Corvair, Cleanup from December 2005, Communal living, Consciousness Revolution, Counterculture, Dana Beal, Diggers, Diggers (theater), Dr. Kent, Stephen A., Easy Rider, Eric Cartman, Fourth Great Awakening, Free love, Gram Parsons, Grateful Dead, Greenpeace, Greenwich Village, Gulf War II, Haight-Ashbury, Hair, Happening Happy Hippy Party, Henry David Thoreau, Herb Caen, High Times, Hippie trail, Holly Near, Houston, Houston, Texas, How I Won the War, Human Be-In, Ibiza, International Times, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, Jesus Movement, Jimi Hendrix, Joan Baez, July 7, Ken Kesey, LSD, List of jam bands, List of psychedelic music artists, Merry Pranksters, MindVox, Montrose, New York City, New age travellers, OZ magazine, Patrick Kroupa, Patriot Acts, Performing, Psychedelic mushroom, R. Crumb, Rainbow Family Gatherings, Rainbow Gatherings, Red Victorian, SVO/WVO technology, San Francisco, San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Oracle, September 6, Sexual revolution, Sly & The Family Stone, Social groups, South Park, Steal This Book, Stereotypes, Students for a Democratic Society, Subcultures, Summer of Love, Syracuse University, TIME, The Establishment, The Sixties, Timothy Leary, U.S., Underground comics, VW Bus, Vegetarianism, Vietnam War, WBAI, Wavy Gravy, Westheimer Street Festival, Woodstock, Yippies, Zabriskie Point, afros, alternative energy, animal rights, art car, back to the land, beatnik, bell-bottom, biodiesel, blues, bohemian, bohemians, cannabis, cannabis (drug), civil rights marches, civil rights movement, clothing, conservatives, consumerism, cooperative business enterprises, corporate, counterculture, cultural movement, drugs, flower children, free press, goa trance, guitars, guru, hallucinogens, hashish, hedonism, hipster, homosexuality, hybrid, idealism, incense, inferiority complex, jam bands, leftist, liberal, libertarian, mainstream, marches on Washington, marijuana, middle class, music, mystic meditation, non-Judeo-Christian, off-Broadway, organic farming, pacifism, pants, parties, peace, peace movements, peace symbol, pop culture, postfeminist,

Anonymous said...

After some inquiring with friends, looks like the Goa Woodstock thing is just a rumour. Hmm. I so so wanted to be there. I so badly wanted to get away that I was dreaming of it. Boss is talking about a road-trip to the elephant corridor near kothagiri on his new gypsy king. Now that should be good fun. I hope it happens.

Anonymous said...

The Jesus Woodstock
Monday, Jun. 26, 1972 Article

"Something historic is happening here," flashed a sign on an office building in downtown Dallas. Historic, maybe. Big for sure. Across—and well beyond—the city last week, more than 75,000 gospel-preaching young people and adults were jammed into hotels, motels and private homes, camping out in warehouses, truck terminals, school gyms and even the county jail. They had come from every state and 60 countries for an International Student Congress on Evangelism called EXPLO '72.

Related Articles

Addressing the first evening rally in Dallas' Cotton Bowl, Billy Graham set the tone of the meeting for the cheering crowd: "We are here to say to the world that Christian youth are now on the march, and we're going to keep marching until millions of people are brought into the kingdom of God!"

EXPLO was the creation of Campus Crusade for Christ International, an evangelical organization headquartered in San Bernardino, Calif., and founded two decades ago by former Businessman Bill Bright, now 50, a United Presbyterian layman. Campus Crusade is no longer limited to U.S. campuses: some 500 of its 3,000 staffers are posted in 50 foreign countries, and it trains 100,000 laymen a year to promulgate Bright's copyrighted "Four Spiritual Laws" to unbelievers.

Bright's message: God loves man and has a plan for him, but man is sinful and can neither experience that love nor understand that plan unless he individually receives Jesus Christ as savior and lord. Essentially, the high schoolers, college students and adults who came to Dallas last week had come to learn just how to get that message across to everyone in the world by Bright's target date of 1980.

In the mornings the zealots attended training sessions in 65 locations around the Dallas-Fort Worth area. In the afternoons they participated in seminars or wandered among the booths that 206 evangelical groups had set up in the exhibition halls of State Fair Park surrounding the Cotton Bowl. Not all the groups who had booths were of the straight, nonpolitical type characteristic of Campus Crusade. One called the People's Christian Coalition was more radical in its approach to the Gospel, and caused a ruckus at a midweek meeting when some of its members joined with Mennonites to hold up a CHRIST OR COUNTRY banner and chant "Stop the war." They reflected a feeling among a minority of evangelicals at the conference that Bright's brand of Christianity is lacking in social concern.

Most of the time, though, euphoria seemed to prevail. One convert from the drug world, Alaskan Ken Davenport, 24, compared the Dallas scene with the rock riot at Altamont: "There you didn't know if somebody was going to knife you. Here it's full of love." In Dallas' nightclub district, barflies were amazed to find the young evangelists offering them Bright's mustard-yellow pamphlets. A policeman working amid the crowds at the Cotton Bowl said in bewilderment, "I must have gotten bumped 3,000 times, and every time the person said 'Pardon me.' "

Page 1 of 2 1 | 2 | Next

Anonymous said...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006
2005 recap
MINAM APANG is in Mumbai. She continues to paint & in Oct had an art show
that was covered by the Times of India & the Indian Express. In Jan ’05 she will be participating in the annual Mumbai Festival of Arts (Kala Ghoda Festival). Recently, she has been organizing a monthly lecture at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Mumbai to discuss art practices & theories. MINAM attended the 150 yr celebrations at Woodstock & met up with ROCHITA ROA, NAMRATA TAMANG, & ROSHINI. Apparently they just missed making it to Hanson Field in time to help ROCHITA carry the class flag…Also in attendance were the Lehmans, Wilkins & Flamings! ROCHITA RAO is working at Woodstock, teaching ESL to 6, 7 & 8th grades. DEBANJALEE BANERJI & her husband Shonju had their first child, Kush, on September 21st. I believe that makes her
the first! They are currently living in NJ. TENZIN CHOPHEL is in Toronto working
as a banker. NIKHIL CHOUGULEY is working as a credit advisor in London.
ANNA CORPRON is working in NYC as an architect. This last yr she had a solo
photography exhibition in Ithaca, NY, & will have another in Brooklyn, NY, in 2005. Outside of working as an architect, she started Brevity Design - a web,
print & graphic design firm. CHUKIE-OM DORJI is studying in Bangkok. JASON DOWMAN is still in London & is in his fourth & final yr of his masters. He visited
Nepal for Christmas. JADE GANS is living in Brooklyn, NY. AWON GOLDING is in Hong Kong, working as game designer for IDT/ Oregon Scientific. She is designing educational children’s games for Barbie Laptops. MITANJALI
(SOLOMON) GOVEIA was married this yr in Goa to Gavin Goveia. They live in London & she works at Asiana Magazine with CAUVERY GANDHI. KRISTIE HOLLAND is currently working on a 3-mo grant that she received to study boating on the Yangtze River in China. In Jan, she’ll go back to CA, where she lives with her boyfriend & plans to do some writing while she waits for her favorite job of all time to start in the summer – she will be driving a trash collection boat for the 4th yr in a row! JOSHUA JOHN is working for a church in Delhi. He continues to paint & is working on an exhibition. In June & July he went on a motor bike ride that covered the highest motorable road in the world, bordering on China & Pakistan. He documented the trip, & the images are to be included in an Australian publication. GRACE KALLIMEL is at Oral Roberts University
in Tulsa, OK, finishing her Masters in Divinity. ZEBA KHAN is now Dr. Zeba
Khan. She is interning at a hospital in Bangalore & will take her USMLE exams
next yr, after which she plans to do a residency in the US in ‘06. REEM KHOKHAR was in Bangalore working at a software firm as a writer on their sales & marketing team. She recently switched jobs & will be working for Penguin Books on a project called “Rough Guides” in Delhi & living with JENNY KISHAN. Jenny is getting her Masters in Political Science from Jawaharlal Nehru U. TAE YEUN KIM is taking a yr off from the School of Visual Arts in NYC & is in Seoul, painting. She has a solo show in early ’05. RACHEL KRISS is in Dubai working as a Corporate Affairs Officer for a transport logistics company. SANGEETA KUMAR is working as a TV journalist & anchor for the TV news channels Aaj Tak & Headlines Today in Mumbai. She recently was in Goa, covering the Int'l film festival & interviews the likes of Sushmita Sen & Aishwariya Rai…Didn’t we always say this is what she would do someday? BOBBY LAL is currently working as the sales manager at an electronics superstore, & has been studying full time at univ. He has almost completed his BA in Business & will start a masters program next yr. ALYSSA LALTLANMAWII PACHAU is getting her MA in Sociology from JNU in Delhi. She plans to get her M.Phil. either at JNU or to go down under for a MA in public health. DECHEN RODER moved back to Bhutan earlier this yr. She just finished her first documentary, & is negotiating its airing on TV in Bhutan. She also got full funding from an organization for her next documentary film. GED SAENKHAMWANG is in Bangkok, working for a mobile company. She has one semester left before receiving her Masters in E-Commerce. Afterwards, she is considering going to China to learn Chinese. PAT SAMSON is in Central U.P. She’s working with an NGO focusing on family planning for village women. JEANNETTE (WALDOCK) SAYLOR is in Tucson, AZ, & will be starting her last semester for her MA in January. ELIZABETH SEEFELDT finished her teaching stint in Bangkok this spring & is now living in Burlington, VT, getting her Masters in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. In May ‘05 she will be marrying Nik & moving to Tirana, Albania. ALVIRA SHAH is in the middle of her medical rotation right now. She started with ob-gyn, then family medicine & internal medicine & is now doing surgery. She will decide next semester what kind of medicine she wants to practice. DANE SHELLY is in his first yr of law school at Rutgers University in NJ. KOANG JIN SHO started his military service with the Korean army. KELLI SMITH is still in Boston & is enjoying having a “disposable income”. She has become a “corporate travel coordinator” which means travel agent. In Aug, RADHA RAI & Kelli met up in Oakland, CA, & gossiped about all the marriages & babies our class is having. Kelli is enjoying being the youngest member of the WOSA-US committee for the 2005 reunion & urges everyone to come to Lake George, NY, in June…it’s going to be great! Namrata is in Delhi working as a computer programmer. ANOUCHHKA WILKINS is married to Steve Chatelier & living in Brisbane, AUS. She works at Mueller College teaching gr 6. Steve is hoping to study secondary teaching next yr. “We are spending 6 weeks travelling around India & Bangladesh Dec/ Jan 04/05. We are visiting places that Anouchhka lived in & where Steve’s dad grew up in S. India.” PUJA UPPAL is in Toronto studying Journalism. She is still acting when not studying. RINENGI VARTE announced her engagement to David Ingleby earlier this yr. They have made tentative wedding plans for the Spring of ’05. Rinengi just completed her Diploma in Applied Theology…Enigma ’98 is off & running…Everyone we didn’t hear from this yr, we want to hear from double next yr…Keep in touch all!
– Anna & Sangeeta

Anonymous said...


International Hippie Links Nederlandstalige Links onderaan pagina

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Anonymous said...


Although Goa has plenty to offer visitors – culture, great cuisine, bargain shopping, and a party happy attitude – the beaches are truly the main draw for vacationers and medical tourism travelers.

Calangute, the third in a 5-kilometer long stretch of beaches that includes Sinquerim, Candolim and Baga, is where Goa’s hippie influx began. Although most of them left after tourists overran the beach and their secluded idyll, leftover flower children – and there are quite a few of them still around here – reminisce about the good old days when the beach was nothing but a cluster of shacks inhabited by local fishing communities. The place swarms with medical tourism vacationers during tourist seasons, but is long enough to still afford some privacy. If you’re looking for more commercial recreation, the Baga end of this beach zone has a better selection of restaurants, not to mention some decent nightspots and galleries.

Further north of Calangute is Anjuna Beach – the uncrowned capital of the hippie colonization of Goa, and during the sixties, the scene of some hedonistic excesses when clothes and inhibitions were shorn with reckless abandon. No vestiges of that time remain, and in its reformed avatar, Anjuna is the scene of nothing more shocking than the weekly flea market. Occasional underground rave parties, however, provide a somewhat tepid version of those swinging times when Goa was the mecca of Woodstock’s children.

To beat the crowds, head further south to Palolem and Agonda beaches where tourist encroachment is minimal. At Palolem, one of the last of Goa’s truly rural beaches, swim and sunbathe on the white sands in fabulous isolation – there’s just one beach shack that serves refreshments. Or sail with the locals to watch the dolphins. Expect the same stark beauty at neighboring Agonda – no shops selling cheap trinkets here.

The strong undercurrents of many Goan beaches make them unsafe for swimmers – check with the lifeguard before venturing in. Bogmolo Beach south of Panjim, however, is one of the few ones reputed to be safe. Previous, Nightlife in Goa Next, Spas and Resorts in Goa

Anonymous said...

More changes probably took place in American society during the 1960's than in any other decade of the 20th century. Of all the events of those years, perhaps none was more emblematic of the hippy counterculture than the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival, held in Bethel, NY, in mid-August of 1969.

I was there, and I've written my memories here of what had to be the best party ever on Planet Earth. I doubt anyone who was at Woodstock was ever quite the same afterwards.

Note-Thousands of people, including me, took psychedelic drugs at Woodstock, and, truth to tell, had good "trips." Honesty demands I be truthful about my actions as a teenager here - I was just as high as the next kid in the crowd. Nothing in this reminiscence, however, should be taken as an endorsement of illegal drug use-LSD in particular can be quite dangerous for some people in spite of proven therapeutic benefits to others. In the decades since Woodstock I've come to believe that spirituality and good health are the real high. - G.W.

(left-original Woodstock poster)

Anonymous said...

How Woodstock Happened... (continued)


Woodstock Ventures billed the concert as a "weekend in the country" - temporary commune. The ads ran in the newspapers, both establishment and underground, and on radio stations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Boston, Texas and Washington, D.C. A concert ticket also bought a campsite. But even a commune requires some kind of organization. In late June, Goldstein called in the Hog Farm.

The Hog Farm started out as a communal pig farm in California; its members eventually bought land next to a Hopi Indian reservation in New Mexico. Its leader was a skinny, toothless hippie whose real name was Hugh Romney. He was a one-time beatnick comic who had changed his name to Wavy Gravy and held the wiseguy title of "Minister of Talk". "We brought in the Hog Farm to be our crowd interface," Goldstein explained. "We needed a specific group to be the exemplars for all to follow. We believed that the idea of sleeping outdoors under the stars would be very attractive to many people, but we knew damn well that the kind of people who were coming had never slept under the stars in their lives. We had to create a circumstance where they were cared for."

The Wallkill Zoning Board of Appeals officially banned Woodstock on July 15, 1969. To the applause of residents, board members said that the organizer's plans were incomplete. They also said outdoor toilets, such as those to be used at the concert, were illegal in Wallkill. Two weeks earlier, the town board had passed a law requiring a permit for any gathering of more than 5,000 people. "The law they passed excluded one thing and one thing only - Woodstock," said Al Romm, then-editor of The Times Herald-Record, which editorialized against the Wallkill law. Wallkill Supervisor Jack Schlosser denied that this was the intent.

The Wallkill board may have done Woodstock Ventures a favor. Publicity about what had happened reaped a bonanza of interest. Besides, if Woodstock had been staged in Wallkill, Lang said, the vibes would either have squelched the show or turned it into a riot. "I didn't want cops in gas masks showing up, and that was the atmosphere there," Lang said. "With all the tensions around it, it wouldn't have worked." Another Woodstock Ventures member, Lee Blumer, remembered the threats made in town. "They said they were going to shoot the first hippie that walked into town," said Blumer.

Kodak wanted cash, but the movie crew got no money upfront for film. So Wadleigh pulled $50,000 out of savings, both from his personal account and an account for his independent film business. During July, Wadleigh was out in Wyoming filming a movie about mountain climbing. When promoters lost the Wallkill site, Wadleigh cringed. "I had this feeling of absolute terror that it wasn't going to come off," Wadleigh said. "That feeling that someone could pull the plug out on us didn't go away until the music started."

Elliot Tiber read about Woodstock getting tossed out of Wallkill. Tiber's White Lake resort, the El Monaco, had 80 rooms, nearly all of them empty, and keeping it going was draining his savings. But for all of Tiber's troubles, he had one thing that was very valuable to Woodstock Ventures. He had a Bethel town permit to run a music festival. "I think it cost $12 or $8 or something like that," Tiber said."It was very vague. It just said I had permission to run an arts and music festival. That's it." The permit was for the White Lake Music and Arts Festival, a very, very small event that Tiber had dreamed up to increase business at the hotel. "We had a chamber music quartet, and I think we charged something like two bucks a day," he said. "There were maybe 150 people up there."

Tiber called Ventures, not even knowing who to ask for. Lang got the message and went out to White Lake the next day, which probably was July 18, to look at the El Monaco. Tiber's festival site was 15 swampy acres behind the resort. "Michael looked at that and said, 'This isn't big enough,'" Tiber recalled. "I said, 'Why don't we go see my friend Max Yasgur? He's been selling me milk and cheese for years. he's got a big farm out there in Bethel.'" While Lang waited, Tiber telephoned Yasgur about renting the field for $50 a day for a festival that might bring 5,000 people. "Max said to me, 'What's this, Elliot? Another one of your festivals that doesn't work out?'" Tieber said.

Yasgur met Lang in the alfalfa field. This time, Lang liked the lay of the land. "It was magic," Lang said. "It was perfect. The sloping bowl, a little rise for the stage. A lake in the background. The deal was sealed right there in the field. Max and I were walking on the rise above the bowl. When we started to talk business, he was figuring on how much he was going to lose in this crop and how much it was going to cost him to reseed the field. He was a sharp guy, ol' Max, and he was figuring everything up with a pencil and paper. He ws wetting the tip of his pencil with his tongue. I remember shaking his hand, and that's the first time I noticed that he had only three fingers on his right hand. But his grip was like iron. He's cleared that land himself."

Yasgur was known across Sullivan County as a strong-willed man of his word. He'd gone to New York University and studied real estate law, but moved back to his family's dairy farm in the '40s. A few years later, Yasgur sold the family farm in Maplewood and moved to Bethel to expand. Throughout the '50s and '60s, Yasgur slowly built a dairy herd. By the time the pipe-smoking Yasgur was approached by Woodstock Ventures, he was the biggest milk producer in Sullivan County, and the Yasgur farm had delivery routes, a massive refrigeration complex and a pasteurization plant. The 600 acres that Ventures sought were only part of the Yasgur property, which extended along both sides of Route 17B in Bethel.

Within days after meeting Yasgur, Lang brought the rest of the Ventures crew up in eight limousines; by then, Yasgur was wise to Woodstock, and the price had gone up considerably. Woodstock Ventures kept all the negotiations secret, lest it repeat what had happened in Wallkill. At some point during the talks, Tiber and Lang went to dinner at the Lighthouse Restaurant, and Italian place just down Route 17B from El Monaco in White Lake. That's where the news leaked out. "While we were paying the check, the radio was on in the bar. The radio station out there, WVOS, announced that the festival was going to White Lake," Tiber said. "The waiters or the waitresses must have called the radio station. We were just in shock. The bar was now empty. Michael just had a blank look. We all went into shock." On July 20, 1969, the world was talking about the first man to walk on the moon. But conversation in Bethel centered on this "Woodstock hippie festival." "I was used to fights, but I wasn't ready for this one," Tiber said.

The Woodstock partners have since admitted that they were engaged in creative deception. They told Bethel officials that they were expecting 50,000 people, tops. All along they knew that Woodstock would draw far, far more. "I was pretty manipulative," Lang said. "The figure at Wallkill was 50,000, and we just stuck with it. I was planning on a quarter-million people, but we didn't want to scare anyone."

Ken Kesey's farm in Oregon was overrun with hippie acolytes. Kesey lived in Pleasant Hill, which became home base for his Merry Pranksters, the creators of the original Acid Tests in San Francisco. Kesey had bought the farm with the earnings from his two bestsellers, "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" (1962) and "Sometimes a Great Notion" (1964). The fashion of the day was to share and share alike. But the horde was starting to bother even a founder of the counterculture.

As the Apollo 11 astronauts were strolling the Sea of Tranquility on July 20, the Pranksters were hearing from Wavy Gravy, whom they knew from the Acid Tests. The Hog Farmers said they were getting $1,700 to gather as many people together as possible and get them to Bethel. "Kesey was glad to get rid of everybody," said Ken Babbs, then 33 and the leader of the Pranksters' Woodstock squad. Babbs packed 40 hippies into five school buses. One was "The Bus" - the one later made famous by author Tom Wolfe in "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test." The Bus had a custom, psychedelic paint job and a Plexiglas bubble on top, and it was packed with sound gear. Its destination sign read: "Further." "While Neil Armstrong was taking a giant leap for mankind, we were starting to take a giant leap for Woodstock," Babbs said.

Max Yasgur had two concerns. "He thought a grave injustice had been done in Wallkill. And he wanted to make sure that he got the $75,000 before some other dairy farmer did," Rosenman said. "They were in no particular order. I'm not sure which was more important to him. Having said that, I'll say this about Max: He never hit us up for another dime after we paid him. I remember that every time we went over there, Max would hand you one of those little cartons of chocolate milk. Every time. We ended up with all these cartons of milk around the office."

Contracts for the use of land surrounding Yasgur's parcel ended up costing Ventures another $25,000. "We could have bought the land for what we rented it for," Lang said. Meanwhile, hand-lettered signs were being put up in the town of Bethel. They read: "Buy No Milk. Stop Max's Hippy Music Festival."

Lang had set a $15,000 ceiling for any act. But the hottest act in the country - guitarist Jimi Hendrix - wanted more. Hendrix had gotten a one-time fee of $150,000 for a concert earlier that summer in California. His manager was demanding that much to play Woodstock. But by July, Lang had some leverage too. He didn't need Hendrix to make the biggest concert of the year. If Hendrix wanted to come, he'd be welcome. "We paid Jimi Hendrix $32,000. He was the headliner, and that's what he wanted," Rosenman said. Then Ventures lied about the terms. "We told everyone that was because he was playing two sets at $16,000 each. We had to do that, or the Airplane would want more than $12,000." Lang set the bill so that folk acts like Joan Baez would play on Friday, the opening day. Rock'n'roll was saved for Saturday and Sunday. But Hendrix's one-and-only set was always to be the finale. His contract said no act could follow him.

Motel owner Tiber's new job was to be the local liaison for Woodstock Ventures in Bethel. He was paid $5,000 for a couple of month's work. Tiber was earning his money too. "The town meetings never drew more than flies before," Tiber said. "But then they were standing-room-only, maybe 300 people. Maybe it was that Michael was barefooted. He came off the helicopter with no shoes. I'd never experienced anything like that before, but that was the way he was. That was fine with me, but I think they didn't like it."

Bethel residents had read about the worries in Wallkill: drugs, traffic, sewage and water. Public fury mounted once more. A prominent Bethel resident approached Lang. He said he could grease the wheels of power and make sure Lang got the approvals he needed. All the fixer wanted was $10,000. Woodstock Ventures got the cash and put it in a paper bag. Lang won't name the man who solicited the bribe. But ultimately Woodstock Ventures would not pay off. "We were very concerned with karma," Lang said. "We thought that if we did pay someone off, that would be wrong and we would change the way things came out." The suggestion of a payoff galvanized Yasgur's support, Lang said. "At that point, he really became an ally, not just a spectator."

But there may have been a payoff, anyway. Rosenman wrote in a 1974 book that he issued a $2,500 check to a man who was demanding $10,000 to arrange local backing. Years later, Rosenman said some of the events in the book were hyped for dramatic tension. "And I honestly can't remember whether I wrote the check or not," Rosenman said.

At least one of Woodstock's opponents also was approached to fix the deal. George Neuhaus was one of the old-style, old boy politicians in Bethel, in and out of the town supervisor's post for years. He thought Woodstock was being jammed down the throats of local people who didn't want it. That July, Neuhaus was approached by a man who wanted him to be a guide through the local political maze. Neuhaus wanted none of it. Like Lang, Neuhaus wouldn't identify the man, but both indicate it was the same individual. "It wasn't, per se, money, but he wanted to know if I could get the thing off the ground," Neuhaus recalled. "I was sitting on my porch. I threw him the hell off my property. I wouldn't have anything to do with it."

Bob Dylan was the only one of Lang's rock'n'roll heroes who hadn't signed a contract. The promoters had borrowed some of Dylan's mystique by naming their concert after his adopted home town, which was only 70 miles from Bethel. Dylan's backup group, The Band, was already signed. Lang figured that Dylan's appearance was a natural. So he made the pilgrimage to Dylan's Ulster County hideaway. "I went to see Bob Dylan about three weeks before the festival," Lang said. "I went with Bob Dacey, a friend of Dylan's, and we met in his house for a couple of hours. I told him what we were doing and told him, 'We'd love to have you there.' But he didn't come. I don't know why."

In late July, Woodstock Ventures obtained permit approvals from Bethel Town Attorney Frederick W.V. Schadt and building inspector Donald Clark. But, under orders from the town board, Clark never issued them. The board ordered Clark to post stop-work orders; the promoters tore the signs down with Clark's tacit approval. He felt he was being made the fall guy for the town. Schadt said that Woodstock's momentum was accelerating like a runaway train. "At that time, it had progressed so far, any kind of order to stop it would have just resulted in chaos," he said. "Here you have thousands of people descending on the community. How in the world do you stop them?"

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2009 said...

Thank you for such a beautiful tribute tribute! As someone who was in attendance for Saturday and Sundays festivities, I have to say this is one of the best collections I have seen with some great unique pictures (not like I can remember a whole lot anyway!) Peace and Love brother.

Jimmy said...

Thanks Guys

we need more of both

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