Saturday, March 31, 2007

the dark side of the human mind

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internet, which batnea pollce ana computer experts lOr monms. Tne court heard that the 14-year-old John met 16-year-old Mark (both false names) on the net and struck up a friendship. John was depressed and confused. He was suffering from a psychological disorder, and had retreated deep into the net and lived a fantasy existence. He created a number of fictitious characters and situations which he manipulated to brainwash his new friend. The court was told that John had felt an "emotional intimacy" for Mark that he had never felt before and this, it was said, was the key to the whole extraordinary affair. John had persuaded his friend to stab him in an alleyway at Goose Green, Altrincham. Mark had been fooled into thinking that John was suffering from an incurable brain tumour and had only a week to live. A British Secret Service spy - one of many fictitious characters dreamed up by John, persuaded Mark to carry out a mercy killing and described precisely what he had t~ do. He was told that if he followed orders, which he did to the letter, he would be inducted into the Secret Service, with the added inducement of a sexual encounter with the mysterious female agent. Mark tried to carry out the instructions by stabbing his friend, using a six-inch kitchen knife. But against all the odds, John survived.

Child pornography and paedophilia


M. inors, often under the online tutelage of adults, are opening paid pornography sites featuring their own images taken by affordable webcams. They perform from the privacy of their home - undressing, showering, mas. turbating and even having sex for the online audience - while their parents are somewhere around, just beyond the shut door. There are sites where children are forced to perform sexual acts in front of web cams. In such sites, children appear to announce schedules of their next masturbation for customers who pay fees for the performance or monthly subscription charges. Payments are usually made online.
Paedophiles today have an extensive online network. They go online to seek tips for getting near children - at camps, community gatherings and at other events. They exchange stories about day-to-day encounters with minors and even share online, printable booklets that talk about the benefits of sex with adults, to be distributed to children. While carrying out research on the paedophiles' online world, the New York Times found that there are internet radio stations run by and for paedophiles.

Execution videos'

ootage of abductees being executed by terrorists in Iraq and elsewhere is a rage on the net. These images are not shown by the mainstream media because they are extremely disturbing and it is onisumed that there is an element


Terrorist tutorials

Al Qaida -and the global movement of terror groups it has inspired - have transferred most . of their activities to the internet. In full view, as it were, terrorist groups now recruit, raise funds, do research, coordinate, spread propaganda, and wage psychological warfare. An Al Qaida website which is updated online

Rape, incest and extreme voyeurism

O rkut hosts some communities that claim to be dedicated to people who like incest. There are groups like 'incest threesome with momsis' that list members who enjoy a two to three generational incest relationship. 'Incest chat in Telugu only' was created exclusively for those who speak Telugu and may be interested in incest. Some members post pictures of those they claim as their own relatives. Not all such pictures are hoaxes. It is reported that a boy took pictures of the backside of his mother and posted it. Members of a community do such things to gain the respect of the others in the chatroom.
The internet is also a nook where total strangers make dark pacts.
Recently, three men, who had never met until their arrest, were nabbed in London for hatching a plot in a chatroom to rape two sisters. The plans came to light after one of the men apparently got cold feet and walked into the Bournemouth police station to confess what had been going on. Forty-two-year-old David Beaven tried to convince police he was merely a vigilante gathering evidence against paedophiles but he was eventually sentenced to prison on two counts of conspiracy to rape.
Recently, an American enacting a rape fantasy game with a "victim" he met in an internet chatroom broke into the wrong apartment and assaulted an innocent woman. Thirty-five-year-old Michael Todd Howard had met his intended target on a rape fantasy chat site. In September last year, he forced; .
way into what he believed to be her apartment and attacked the fem occupant. Howard had, however, got his wires crossed. He hit the terri fied woman who fought-back. He may have presumed that it was all p of the rape fantasy act but then she attacked his testicles. At some poin in her violent struggle, he asked for her chatroom handle. Confused a::.terrified, she told him that she was not a part of any chatroom. E\e::::.3.
ally he admitted to burglary in a San Diego court after plea bargai.::.:.::.~, his way out of an intl:)nt to commit rape, false imprisonment ane.
session of illegal drugs. He now faces one year in jail and probatio:::
In one of the chatrooms on called rape fantasy, men ge: gether and write about brutally violating a woman. Although AOL longer allows words like "rape" or "sex" to be used in naming pub:i spaces, internet users skirt the ban by coming up with inventive name:;
The result is that anyone seeking a "gang bang", or a host of other sex ually graphic and often violent scenarios, including "incest", can eithe find it easily online, or create their own room. There are incest rooms' which participants, often teenage boys, describe horrific acts of se violence against female siblings.
A more disturbing trend is the rise of members-only sites in whic

An AI Qaida website handle hostages, ho'> them if the enemy stalls

twice a month, advises view points out the number of ce victims. There is advice on ho negotiate ("gradually kill the and how to release the captiv Jihadi message boards links to training manuals an vide step-by-step instructio weapons. A website called the anarchy cookbook that rate books containing infor ations in guerilla warfare, the CIA secret manual on co.

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, the blog goddess, a mix of SL and AUSSIE culture influence,

step by step revealed her true self on the net

and her fans were shocked at what they learned

her fan following crashed

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saw her posing with clevage and expecting wonderful praises for boobs...loll

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I think she blogs and comments on every blog....her accomplishment by age 35...I BLOG FOR LIFE! :)