Friday, March 02, 2007

CELEBRITIES: the superficial community

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Anonymous said...

tu kya koi chutiya pundit hai kya?

Anonymous said...

Hi wanna b firnds bcoz I think in friendship there is no need of ROAMING,RECHARGE,there is no validity limit & there is no signal problem until u switch off ur Heart

Jim said...


Blessed said...

I have visited that and it is such a hilarious website. Boy! They really can make some fun of celebrities. On my yahoo webpage I get the lastest from that site.
Celebrities--I watch them becuz sometimes it takes my mind of my worries like war in Iraq and all the wounded soldiers, dead soldiers Or a sickness in my family, or the tornado that hit an Alabama high school here in the USA and killed 8 students and injured many others or the charter bus that fell over an overpass and killed 4 baseball players, the driver and his wife from a small college in Ohio, I could go on and on about the miseries and sadness of the world.

Many blessings to you!

Blessed said...

I think James Dean and Brad Pitt look alot alike.
By the way is Saby and Jim the same people are two separate souls?

Anonymous said...

your guess is as good as mine