Friday, March 03, 2006

to day Jessica Lall, tomorrow u

I think what weare witnessing today is really apalling.
When somebody shoots a living girl dead in the presence of many people, seven years later he walks away scot free.

It's alarming, shocking and utterly shameful. This is where I suddenly have a lot of admiration for the media, as they are bringing this case back in sharp focus;but I really hope this is not treated like one of those 48-hr TRP-winning stories.

I would like to believe there's more substance, truth, fact and sincerity in reporting this case. Fortunately; there are a lot of women reporters in media, so I assume they will take this up personally.

Today; when you voice your opinion for a certain cause, or stand up for an issue of such gravity. people turn around and say; 'Why are you fighting other people's battles?' That's the problem with our country. We interfere in others' affairs and lives when we don't need to, but it's in times like these that we need to stand up together with a unanimous resolution.

...... The Jessica Lal case happened in the heart of India, in the political power centre, in the capital of our country. I will not feel safe in a country like this. When celebrities speak about such appalling issues people wake up and listen; but we need more than just a set of attentive ears, we need people to act upon it.

I heard lawyer Jethmalani's interview where he says there's a problem with the legal system today. I totally agree, it's time somebody takes a look at this - maybe eminent figures like the President of India, or our higher courts or the ruling party. or other politicians should come to the fore.

I know I'm sounding agitated, but when I think about what's happened, and follow the news, I feel terribly frustrated.

I think if near and dear ones, kith and kin of politicians are involved in such cases;even the politicians should be questioned.Media should make it a point to hammer this news everyday till the law, and the system is compelled to change.

Jessica Lal was a known figure. Tomorrow it could be you. And maybe no one will fight for you too!


HOPE... YOU TOO................

It’s a request from an Indian to all Indians.

Jessica Lal Case
How to execute Monday as Black day……

We all know what happened in Jessica lal case nut how many times we
will let the power players to play with our system it is time to react and
here is how we will react

No don’t worry I am not asking you for march or hunger strike we just
need to follow a colour code on 27th of this month i.e. Monday

We can run with Mumbai on Mumbai marathon day coz it is being organized
by big company stars participate in it… We can send Sms to Indian idle
in lacks so that our favorite singer wins…. We can call on extra
innings several times just to discuss whether gangully should play or not…We
can forward mms clips to our friends in bulk… We can Fight to celebrate
Valentines Day… we can fight to dance late night in navratri…

But can we fight against injustice…

Can we follow the dress code just to show how we feel about this case
Almost every one of us has liked the movie “Rang De Basanti” but can we
act like them…?

If u feel Yes then here is the game plan….

1)If u are a college student just make sure that everyone in ur college
comes to know that we are damning Monday as a black day… just prepare a
poster take printout of this article and paste them at appropriate
place so that everyone should come to know about it
2) If u work in any company do the same thing Take printouts and post it
to the msg board mail this letter to everyone in your company
3) If u knows anyone in media or press inform them about the black day
get the media coverage
4) If you belong to any group spread this msg to the group mail this
thing to everyone..
5) If u chat on messenger change ur status msg to “Tribute to Jessica
lal- Observe Monday as Black day”
6) And finally if ur Indian follow the dress code on Monday

This is just the beginning together we can fight the whole system…

Jessica lal case:

Yes no one killed Jessica lal

Lal was murdered in the intervening night of April 29 and 30, 1999 at a
restaurant owned by noted socialite BinaRamani at QutubColonade in
South Delhi. Or she died because of unknown reason ask the Indian

Come on guys lets celebrate the death of Indian constitution today. If
u belong to any political party or if u have any political contacts and
enough money to turn the witness hostile then what are you waiting for
just go and have fun kill anyone you like coz the Indian Constitution
has a provision for you under which if you satisfy above criteria u will
be acquitted for whatever you have done...
Welcome to India:
Where people are awarding prises as big as 51 cores for killing another
person, yes I can understand the feelings of our Muslim brothers and
whatever happened in case of Paigambur sahib is wrong and the guilty
should be punished. Same goes with M.F Hussein means who gave him power to insult bharat mata but I just want to ask one question to all this

Sir you are crying like anything on religious matters but what about
death of democracy what about death of Indian constitution why you do not
react to such matters why some one is not awarding Prise money to kill
ManuSharma, son of former Union Minister VinodSharma, for whatever he
has done, not a single political party is reacting against the ruling
that's pretty strange or this is INDIA.

Indian...Yes...may be we don't know what we can do about it but all
those "Rang De Basanti" Fans and all the youth who wants to change this
system we can at least fight the cyber war against the Court
just fwd this article to all the people you know..
No you won’t get 51 cores or 11 lacs for forwarding this mail but u will
get something which is more than just money...a satisfaction that yes I
am fighting against the injustice... so that whenever the case goes to
the higher court the whole world should know what is the feeling of
common man of india

And of behalf of all the Indians we urge Jessica's Family to go to
higher court all of us are in support for them...

Please observe Monday as black day wear black clothes on Monday
and let the whole world know how we feel about it.....
Fwd this msg to every one...

- Umesh Mehta


Aelee said...

You have such a voice hear..and every thought on such important opinion does so count.These things can open our eyes.

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Anonymous said...
I cried because I had no shoes
till I saw a man with no feet

Life is full of blessings,ashes
it is only we fail to see them

Fri Mar 03, 12:47:46 PM

Anonymous said...

Nobody has been able to put his finger precisely on what 'promoting democracy' signifies. In American eyes, the Palestinians freely electing their own government is not democracy, and hence should be financially crippled and crushed, whereas General Pervez Musharraf's military regime is the acme of democracy, worth pouring billions of dollars to prop it up.

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Keshi said...

In this post, U've given a voice to late Ms.Jessica Lal...that's a great thing to do Saby...

ur right...tomorrow it could be me and no one might come out to help me...sadly that's the reality of life...harshness of it all.


Anonymous said...

I have a dossier on all of you