Wednesday, February 13, 2008

US politics vs Indian politics

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama met on Sunday for a cup of coffee. Both were tired after last week's Super Tuesday. This US election campaign was seemingly endless and draining them of their energy. Obama sipped his cappuccino and pointed to a newspaper headline and took a deep breath. "I wish I was an Indian," he said.

Hillary looked at him suspiciously and asked, "You mean North Indian or South Indian?" Obama was confused. "What do you mean?" he asked. "It's not like North American and South American! North Indian and South Indian belong to the same country - not different continents!""We could learn a thing or two from these Indian politicians, " pointed out Hillary. "They easily divide people on the basis of state, language, caste, community, religion and thus ensure a substantial voting percentage for their respective parties!"Obama nodded. "Yeah, you're right," he sighed. "Here we go on and on, speech after speech, creating a good impression on the American public after spending sleepless nights doing our homework on what's the need of the hour for the larger good of the country…

And in India, all they have to do is make an irresponsible, provocative speech and cause a riot!"Hillary looked thoughtful. "But I bet we could change the face of American politics and do something similar! After all, 60 % of our great country is made up of immigrants —Italians, Mexicans, Chinese, Indians….

I guess my ratings will soar the moment I blame these immigrants for all the problems in our country and launch a verbal attack on famous immigrants like Arnold Schwarzenegger, demand a ban on pizza and gelato and exhort my Democrat party members to beat up Indian taxi drivers in New York, Italian restaurateurs in Los Angeles and sabotage multiplexes showing Japanese horror films…""We can do that?" asked an excited Obama. "Are you sure we can actually damage the social fabric of America for our political gains and get away with it?

That's fantastic! I never realised we could become as dangerous as terrorists and not be accountable for our words or deeds, and blame all the damage to public and private property in the bargain as the emotional reaction of the common man!""It gets even better," says Hillary. "We can demand apology from everyone but never apologise to anyone! Have you ever heard an Indian politician saying sorry?" ------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- ---- If you wish to cry in despair ... please do, and then, laugh at yourself and think how we can overcome the baddies in our political arena. Join the citizens groups who are causing a change for the better. If none exist in your neighbourhood, start one. All help is available. Think of Citizen Candidates, think of 'breaking rules and retaining values', etc. Be part of the brave new India. --

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