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The Truly Scary Thing About Narendra Modi…
... is that he may not be a psychopath, but merely behaves that way because that’s what the voters want. After all, if that’s what the masses want, then we’re stuck with Modi long after Modi.

Exhibit A, the election in Gujarat right after the riots in 2002.
Exhibit B, this news report:

It was vintage Modi in his campaign speech at Mangrol: “Sonia Gandhi spoke of terrorism. But she has no right to talk of this. Till today, those who attacked Parliament haven’t been sent to the gallows. Congress in Gujarat is raising its voice on the Sohrabuddin issue. But, it should explain to the people what should be done to a man who stored illegal arms and ammunition. You tell me, what should have been done to Sohrabuddin?”

The rally echoed with shouts of “Kill him, kill him.” Modi responded with: “Well, that is it. Do I have to take Sonia Gandhi’s permission to do this?”

What have we come to, that the chief minister of a state stands on a public platform and boasts about killing a man without due process of law?
What next?
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What Boys and Girls Fight About
It’s all so true.


Anonymous said...

Film claims 22 killed in Gujarat fake encounters

Enlarge PhotoBy
Monday December 10, 09:23 AM
New Delhi: Sohrabuddin Sheikh, Samir Khan Pathan, Sadik Jamal, Ishrat Jahan and Javed Shaikh are among 22 people killed in encounters by controversial Gujarat DIG Vanzara and his Anti-Terror Squad.

They were all allegedly terrorists plotting to kill Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

But in his documentary Encountered On Saffron Agenda, filmmaker Subhradeep Chakraborty claims that these killings too were fake encounters.

“My film contests the claims of the Gujarat police that they killed Lashkar and Jaish terrorists who were planning to kill Narendra Modi. In fact, through inter-linked testimonies of the families of the victims, their lawyers and independent investigators my film raises credible doubts about the intention and motive of the Gujarat government,” says Chakraborty.

Nineteen-year-old Ishrat Jahan from Thane in Maharashtra and Pranesh Pillai alias Javed Shaikh, a Pune businessman, were killed in an encounter June 2004.

In the film, their families and lawyers question the police reports. “It was said that four terrorist fired at a large police team but no policeman got injured. How could it be possible? Javed was driving. He fired bullets. The girl also fired at them. Other terrorists also fired heavily but not even a dog got killed,” says Javed Sheikh’s father, Gopinathan Pillai.

Ishrat Jahan's sister Musarrat also questions the police role. “If a girl was sitting in a car so the bullet would hit her hand, abdomen, sides etc. But one bullet caught her between the legs. I am sure police raped her and to hide their misdeeds they fired there. I can't even imagine that police can be so immoral,” she says.

The film also highlights the case of Sadik Jamal, a domestic help from Mumbai killed by Vanzara in an encounter in 2003

“Shouldn’t someone have seen it? When encounter took place someone might have been witnessed it, isn’t it? At least someone must have heard the gun shot? There is nothing like that in this,” says Sadik Jamal's uncle Musa Bhai.

The Gujarat government and police refused to speak with the filmmaker. But the awkward co-incidence that with the arrest of DIG Vanzara, all terrorist attempts on Modi's life seem to have ceased suggest that the disturbing questions the film raises, deserve an answer.

Anonymous said...

Sonia flays BJP's "disruptive politics"

Saturday December 15, 09:59 PM
Una (Himachal Pradesh), Dec 15 (ANI): Congress party chief Sonia Gandhi today accused the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of creating hurdles in the path of the ruling Congress party working for the progress of the country.

Campaigning for her party ahead of the second and final phase of voting, slated for December 19, Sonia took a dig at the BJP for practising divisive and disruptive politics, impeding the nation's progress.

Listing the Congress' efforts for the development of the country, she urged voters to cast their votes for her party.

"They (Bharatiya Janata Party) have always practiced the politics of creating hurdles in the path of the Congress party. Spreading canards and misleading people has become an old habit," Sonia said at a rally in Una.

With over 4.5 million people eligible to cast votes, the first phase of elections was held in Lahaul Spiti and adjoining areas on November 14.

Heavy snowfall is dampening the spirit of elections in poll-bound state, while tourists throng Shimla and other hill resorts to enjoy the snow.

The second phase of elections in the state are scheduled to be held on December 19. Results will be announced by the end of the month.

The term of the State Legislative Assembly is due to expire on March 9, 2008. (ANI)

Anonymous said...

Narendra Modi - Early Life and Political Career: Encyclopedia II - Narendra Modi - Early Life and Political Career

He was born in Vadnagar, a town in the northern Mehsana district of Gujarat. As a young man, he joined the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, a major public organization committed to Hindu Nationalism and a conservative and staunchly patriotic social and political outlook. Modi rose as a young prodigy within the RSS ranks. Narendra Modi served as Pracharak, or a high-level regional organizer of the RSS. Joining the BJP in the mid-1980s, Modi worked to organize election campaigns in many stat ...
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fawzan said...

No the alleged were not terrorists... It was the game of ethnic cleansing played by modi. He is the terrorist of india