Sunday, October 07, 2007

Conversations with JANICE

The wisest King, Yudhishtir, was once asked "what's the strangest thing in the world?"

And he replied,
"That men die everyday but still each man forgets that he will die too; he believs in his own immortality"

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Anonymous said...

At 7:22 PM, silent_observer said...
Saby you are a sick bastard. You go after fragile chat personalities like bhaaluu and sebia. These bloggers cannot fight back. So you go after them with vengence. You play mind games with Keshi, write filty comments on Janice's blog, pester pearl, tanvi and rohit with sexual dirt. These chatters have fired back at you which is why you shut up so easily.

You have no respect for others and put on a facade of being an old man with a family. A family man will not spend so much time blogging and wondering whose blog to fill with sex related topics. You are a lone person with a sick mind and its sad that people allow you to comment on their blogs or even laugh at your perverted jokes when not directed at them.

You are a heartless person with no morals. You are another Ted Bundy online.

Anonymous said...

At 3:35 AM, silent_observer said...

You are an intelligent guy but you choose to be different from other normal people all in the name of testing their limits to unacceptable levels. Where is the intelligence in that? You delibertely humiliate people on their blogs. You have mercilessly bashed Fira Cub and Keshi by allowing vulgar pornographic material with their names inserted in the story. You do not respect their friendship and try to destroy it with all your might. You are despicable with Janice, Sebia and Tanvi, and keep repeating the vulgarity just to spite them. Are you being a good human here? You mock at the love of Pearl and Rohit. They are kids in love, let them be. Why do humiliate these people for no apparent reason? They welcome you to comment on their blogs so that there is no place for any animoisity. Yet, you time and time again show your disrespect for all bloggers with your shocking sexual perversions. You have gained nothing but taunts and no real friends. Indiatimes chat is a unique place where people make life-long friendships. We chat at indiatimes to forget the daily hassels we face in life. Why do you try to ruin it?

Stop harrassing these bloggers.It will get you nothing but hatred.

krystyna said...

I believe there is good in all of us, but when I have to dig too deep for it, it wears me out. maybe I need more stamina.....:)

niki yokota said...

oh world united bloggers!
sorry i didnt know WUB :)
but i think i saw janice in keshi-chan's blog post before.

Vest said...

Anonymous: It is a shame that self opinionated persons who preach to other bloggers (with titles)concerning morals and their own particular stock in trade have themselves fallen into their own trap by using abusive language to get their own message across.