Monday, April 02, 2007

The monk who sold his ferrari

This is an interesting story.
It is a story of a lawyer who appears to have it all - the corner office, the life style, the cars, women, ...

Then he gives it all up and tours the East. While there he comes across this strange monk and monastery. He comes to live life in a much different way.

Yet he is challenged by the monk who has trained him to go back home and share the message he has learnt, with the West. Julian, our main character, returns to his old law firm and to his prot?g? John.

He tells him a parable; then the rest of the book explains the parable and how it relates to different aspects of our lives. The parable is rather simple and a little strange but as it is explained you will never forget it.

Read it to find out how a garden, lighthouse, sumo wrestler, pink wire cable, stopwatch, roses and a winding path of diamonds are symbols of timeless principles and virtues by which to live your life. This book could help raise the quality of your life to a new level.


Keshi said...

wow nice new template Saby!

cool..I'll get a hold of it when I can ty!


Anonymous said...

tomm is maundy thursday na Gramps
- Janice

Blessed said...

wow, what an interesting story.
I wonder now that I'm a bit older and if I wasn't married would I contemplate the holy life??? This thought has crossed my mind from time to time? Am I too much in this world full of it's don't matters and materialism?
Could I live my life completely for Christ? After all when one becomes a nun it is tho they are married to Christ. Could I give up EVERYTHING I have: my family, my pets, my clothes, my car, my credit cards, my sexual wants???